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Thanksgiving at The Cottage

Welcome to our home, this Thanksgiving we are sharing it with some of our dear friends. So come on in and make yourself at home! 

The day before Thanksgiving we were super busy prepping food and doing last minute decorating. But all the hard work paid off...   

Come and sit by the roaring fire and warm yourself while we pull the pie from the oven. Can we get you some spiced cider?

 Well the pies are cooling and let me take the time to show you around. 
On the side table, We used all white platters, bowls and plates.

We bought this sign at Hobby Lobby, the antique frame is from an estate sale, the pumpkin is from Old Time Pottery. The flowers Mr. Cottage bought for Mrs. Cottage at Sam's Club.

We used white or white with gold stars (Mrs.Cottage got for a wedding gift) around the edges plates interchangeably around the table, crystal water goblets are by Gibson and gold cutlery purchased at Target. (The table is set for seven)

The Centerpiece is a white pumpkin with a leaf garland w…

Another Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving rolls in, the smell of good food and the promise of a Christmas holiday to follow. Yet under the Christmas carols and stuffed turkey. Beneath the laughter and the family gatherings. A smile is forced, a pair of eyes are sad.

A heart is heavy.  someone wonders what it would be like if someone dear to them was with them. Every Thanksgiving I have to wonder what it would be like if my eleven siblings were here. How much more laughter would fill the house? What would be different?

For those of you that have lost someone whether or not you met them, you probably know the feeling all too well. We always feel the gap but when the holidays roll in we feel it even more. Somewhere between the happiness and hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving I am sad because I never met the other eleven. I didn't get to grow up with them. I didn't get them to race them to the table for dinner. No games were ever played. No carols sung. No hands held as we Thanked God for everything w…

The Tree of Remembrance

This tree is special to me. I came up with the idea for it this year. The Tree Of Remembrance you may ask? What is that and why is it so special? Well I'll tell you...

On this tree are 11 Doves, 3 Mercury Glass Ornaments the two baby booties ornaments that my twin sister got for our first Christmas and 1 Butterfly. 

The eleven doves represent my eleven siblings that never walked this earth. 

The three glass ornaments are reminders to pray for three special children that though we never met will always be in our hearts. 

The butterfly is the child we will care for in the ministry we are working with. 

This bird is in memory of Carter Lee Schulz. Like this tiny bird's long tail may his legacy go on and on. 

So you see this is why I call this tree the Tree Of Remembrance. 
Mercury Glass Ornaments: Estate Sale Baby Booties: A Christian Book Store in CA.  Doves: Big Lots Butterfly: Walmart Small bird: Walmart

Snowman Pancakes

 The morning is especially cold and bitter today.  Everyone has gone outside to do their chores with gloved hands and scarf wrapped neck.  Their breath comes out in steamy puffs and they go about their work.  Inside the cottage is warm.  There is a fire in the fireplace that is making smoke rise and curl above the cottage giving the workers the hope that once their work is done, there is a warm spot by the fire just for them.  They smell the rich smoky odor and turn toward the house, they smile at that curling smoke and work at their chores just a little faster knowing soon they will be sitting by that glowing fire.   When they open the door the smell of breakfast meets their noses as they breathe in the warm air filled with the spicy smell of tea keeping warm on the stove and the doughy smell of pancakes and the smell of sweet maple syrup.  I hear a flurry of chatter, happy laughter and voices as boots are removed and set aside and the noise of feet approaching.  The chill has inspi…

A Peek at a Cottage Thanksgiving


Come on in and pull up a chair and join us for a simple Thanksgiving at the Cottage. 
On the menu is turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, fresh baked bread and home canned cranberry relish and green beans,  Oh! and pies, don't forget the pies. 
 The table is covered with Grandma Cottage's vintage table cloth and set with bone china dishes with gold rims and our gold cutlery.  The water goblets have a gold swirl through them.    We decorated the table with white pumpkins, autumn leaves and white taper candles in crystal holders. There are vintage crystal salt and pepper shakers and pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers. 
The tree in the background is Grandma Cottage's tree and it is decorated with all white lights and white snowflakes. The fireplace is swagged with small pumpkin garland to give it warmth. There was soft Christmas music playing in the background. The dessert table has both pie and iced sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves and acorns.…

Stars & Stripes Tree

I had an idea last year for a small tree.  One that honored our armed forces that could not be home to celebrate and to remind me to pray for them.  We went to the store and found the ornaments for 50% off and so we bought some for our small tree.  This year we have the tree in the foyer.

Here is our all-American tree, we got most of the decorations at Hobby Lobby last year.

I used a small American flag to the top of the tree.

America The Beautiful ornament.

Home Of The Brave.

Let Freedom Ring! 

I made these bows from ribbon from Walmart.

Stars & Stripes Forever.

Support Our Troops

In Our Prayers.

Another view of the tree.