The Tree of Remembrance

This tree is special to me. I came up with the idea for it this year. The Tree Of Remembrance you may ask? What is that and why is it so special? Well I'll tell you...

On this tree are 11 Doves, 3 Mercury Glass Ornaments the two baby booties ornaments that my twin sister got for our first Christmas and 1 Butterfly. 

The eleven doves represent my eleven siblings that never walked this earth. 

The three glass ornaments are reminders to pray for three special children that though we never met will always be in our hearts. 

The butterfly is the child we will care for in the ministry we are working with. 

This bird is in memory of Carter Lee Schulz. Like this tiny bird's long tail may his legacy go on and on. 

So you see this is why I call this tree the Tree Of Remembrance. 

Mercury Glass Ornaments: Estate Sale
Baby Booties: A Christian Book Store in CA. 
Doves: Big Lots
Butterfly: Walmart
Small bird: Walmart

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