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When You Feel Like Saying "When" - Jesus Take The Wheel

I've been struggling to write my little blog post. Not that I can't write. I have millions of ideas running around in my head. Mostly at one in the morning! As my Dad refers to it, it's my "head squeezing time". I have always found the early morning hours are the best ones for remembering that I didn't sign a permission slip. Or wondering if I locked all the doors after my late night swim. Do my cats have water? So these past few days, my head squeezing time has been about a time that I have said "when" and God has brought me through. Honestly, there are so many I can't even begin to pin point one specific incident. By nature I'm not a worrier. I am fortunate that not much really drops me into the depths. Yes, I have been through heartache and traumatic events. I have lost people I have loved. But through it all God has remained at my side, steadying me like a mother steady's a toddling baby.
"Though I walk in the midst of trouble, y…

A Cottage Surprise Party

Last week we decided to throw my best friends Aubrey and Anna and their little sister Ella a surprise party before they go back to Africa. They haven't had a birthday party since they moved there two years ago. Ok, so I'm really bad about doing things last minute (I got it from my dad :) ) well this might have been one of those things. I decided to do it sitting in traffic with Mrs. Cottage. So the next morning Mrs. Cottage and I with Baby Cottage tagging along ran to town to pick up some party supplies and a cake as well as gifts.

What I used:  4 rolls of streamers (2 white 2 Purple) 4 star balloons  1 package white balloons
To make the balloon tower you need a long piece of string and balloons. Blow up your balloons then knot the rope around the end of your balloons spacing them about two hand breadths apart. Use a tack to hook it to the ceiling and if you want use tape to hold the other end down.

Present time!!!

When You Feel Like Saying "When" - He Has Dealt Bountifully With Me

I didn't know it, but it was the beginning of labor pains.
                           ...and spiritually.
It was my husband's 27th birthday, and we'd made plans to celebrate as a family. We didn't get to. I hadn't been feeling well that day. Well into my first trimester with our third baby, I began to ache and cramp. and bleed. A call to the doctor confirmed our suspicion - the baby was probably gone. The next morning, before I could make it to the hospital, my body passed my sweet baby and we said goodbye to our very tiny (but perfectly formed, fearfully & wonderfully made!) little one.
I'd been following Jesus for seven years at that time, but my faith had not yet been tested by something so raw and heart wrenching. Up to that point, my faith was based not on God's goodness in all circumstances, but on all the blessings He'd afforded me.

For the next few weeks, hours were spent on my knees, closed away in our bedroom. Desperately crying out …

When You Feel Like Saying "When"

Do you trust me? Look at all I have done in the past, trust me. You say that the trials keep coming like waves of the sea, you say that the heat keeps increasing like a furnace. What have I already done? Was I not already in the furnace with those Hebrew boys? Did they burn? Did they even smell like smoke? Were they singed? Trust me.

Moses was an example. Even though the desert looked bad. Even though it is hot there and everything looks hopeless and you are wondering Where is the food?, Where’s the water?  God is saying I got this –I've already walked through that desert.  I have already been there.  I know every rock and every piece of sand. I know where the water is hidden beneath the surface and I know the way out. Trust me.
These trials are a sacrifice. Like Abraham on the mountain. He has the boy –and the boy, he asks," Where’s the sacrifice father?" His father answered “The Lord will provide” even though Abraham's heart is crying “But it is you, my son”. By f…

Bold Enough Challenge Rodeo

Last night Mr.Cottage took us to a rodeo that was preforming near us. I've not been to a lot of rodeos (actually this is my second, the first time was at church) but we had a great time and really enjoyed it. They started with the National anthem, a salute to all branches of the military, and a prayer before the rodeo started. It was so neat to see them honor all the vets there and God. The weather was absolutely beautiful especially for July in Tennessee, which only made the night even better. All in all it was a wonderful night right down to the hot dogs. My only regret is that is got too dark to photograph the barrel racing, team roping or bull riding and that Mrs. Cottage and Grandma Cottage couldn't make it. I can't wait until next year!

How can you have a rodeo with out a clown? 

It was so cute to watch all the little kids sit around the edge of the arena to watch the Cowboys and Cowgirls and cheering on there favorites.

Pork Chops

Ingredients: Organic Pork Chops Oil (Coconut or bacon drippings work well) Salt  Steak Seasoning  Steak and Chops Seasonings  Garlic Powder

Directions: Lightly fill the bottom of a large frying pan to heat. Place pork chops in the oil. Season well with salt, steak seasoning, garlic and steak and chops seasoning.

Cook for 4 minutes, flip and season the other side well. Cook 4 minutes on that side.

Cover and pull off the heat and set for 5 minutes. We like to serve ours with peas or my sister's delicious rice and apple sauce.

A Cottage Independence Day

This has been a stressful summer. There is so much that we have on our hearts so we have decided to spend this 4th of July at the lake. We took blankets and towels and headed down in the summer sun to sit among other families. We live walking distance to this beach at the lake so it was close to home and not stressful. 

We took time to play and enjoy one another, even Mrs. Cottage, baby Cottage and Grandma Cottage came.  It was little bit's first time at the lake and we took him to get his feet wet in the water.

Grandma who has been in and out of the hospital and has not been well sat on her walker and watched us play with the baby. We have all been walking on egg shells and holding our breath. It was good to play.

Although we were all reserved, understanding although not wanting to admit it to ourselves what was coming around the corner.

But to be washed in the cool water brought comfort.  To hear the laughter brought healing and hope that tomorrow may be bad, but somewhere in t…