A Cottage Surprise Party

Last week we decided to throw my best friends Aubrey and Anna and their little sister Ella a surprise party before they go back to Africa. They haven't had a birthday party since they moved there two years ago. Ok, so I'm really bad about doing things last minute (I got it from my dad :) ) well this might have been one of those things. I decided to do it sitting in traffic with Mrs. Cottage. So the next morning Mrs. Cottage and I with Baby Cottage tagging along ran to town to pick up some party supplies and a cake as well as gifts.

What I used:
 4 rolls of streamers (2 white 2 Purple)
4 star balloons 
1 package white balloons

To make the balloon tower you need a long piece of string and balloons. Blow up your balloons then knot the rope around the end of your balloons spacing them about two hand breadths apart. Use a tack to hook it to the ceiling and if you want use tape to hold the other end down.

Present time!!!

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