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Mile Long Yard Sale

Yard sale shopping.

The challenge of finding once in a lifetime offers and treasures. Not much can beat the feeling of coming home the trunk of your car filled with treasures (that you couldn't live without) to bring home.

This is how my day began... well sort of.

This is our family tradition, I mean since we were around two years old our parents would pack us up in the van and head to yard sale.  I remember the year dad bought a wagon and put it together and it kept falling apart the ENTIRE time we were there.  We got to where we were afraid to sit on it because the tires kept falling off.  LOL!  Finally, one of the people having a yard sale had mercy and tried to rig the wagon as best that he could with a paper clip on the tire so we wouldn't die or lose any of our goodies.  :)

We would mostly go to look for great old books.  That was our favorite find and boy did we find them.  Every time my dad would spot a box of books our caravan would screech to a halt (hopefully tire…

Looking Back...

It's funny, how when you look back from day to day it looks like nothing changes but looking back over a year you see that everything has.

It's this time; when you look back over the time you spent and wonder if it was worth it.

Did I love enough?

Did I act like Christ enough to make people notice?

Did I live every moment to its fullest?

Did I forgive fast enough?

Did I listen long enough?

Did I say the right words?

This year nothing, yet everything has changed.

This makes the first year of Rosevine Cottage Girls Blog. The second year that my friends are so far away in Africa. It has marked so many lessons.

I've learned who my friends are, and what makes a great friend.

 I've learned that not everyone is going to be nice.

And that sometimes the words that are the hardest to hear are the ones I need to hear the most.

I've learned that the words that hardest to speak are the one most needing to be heard.

I've learned that the things that mean the most are the sm…

The Other Side Of The Waiting Room

Yesterday my dad and I rushed to the hospital three hours away to meet a cousin who had broken all of  the doctor's expectations. We got to the hospital moments after Carter Lee was born. He was the tiniest baby I have ever seen, being just two pounds four ounces and was 15.8 inches long. Everyone said it was like holding a baby doll. I spent the day with my aunt helping her photograph his beautiful but all tooshort life. You see, my little cousin Carter lived only an hour and twenty minutes outside of his mother's womb.  

Later in the waiting room, I sat there watching the other families laughing and smiling and then I looked at the other side of the waiting room where a sister silently sobbed, an aunt stared off at nothing at all. A Grandparent sat with tears in their eyes instead of a smile. And I look at the others caught up in their own little world and it seems almost cruel that time can go on. I wonder how you ever can heal. I wonder how broken hearts can ever be put bac…

What Would Happen...

What would happen?

What would happen if we prayed?

What would happen if instead of listening to people talk about others, we prayed...

                                                           for those on my street?

What if we all prayed for our neighbors?

How much different would our country be?

This week we are studying the Great Awakenings, and it has made me wonder...

The great awakenings were brought on by Christians (real Christians not just people saying with there chest puffed out "Well I am a Christian" I mean people who lived it to the fullest extent) got on their knees and prayed.

So I wonder; what would happen?

What stops us?

Why do we complain about how bad it's gotten and yet do nothing?


How many would it take praying to make a change? One? Two? Five? How many? How many are willing to go against the flow? How many would be willing to change them selves to change the world? Am I?

Hmmm..... I wonder...  Are you willing to give it a try with me?

Wild At Heart

Yesterday was just one of those days I have taken to calling "Wild at Heart". The morning started out with me slashing through the mud (It had rained all night and had finally reached a lull around 7)  to the chicken coops. One of my young bantams had not taken so well to all the rain and mud and for the most part looked half drowned. I get it to the house and hand it over to mom so that I can check the other pens.

When I finally get back inside nice and wet, OK and muddy. My mom has already begun to dry the bird off. and it has begun to look a lot better. Then guess who wants to go outside. Yep, the dog. When I get her out there she will not leave the sidewalk and go into the wet grass. So while were struggling to get the dog out into the grass (gee... a border collie is stronger than I thought) my mom notices something on the sticky trap we had forgotten to throw away (yeah that was me that forgot).

It turned out to be a very stuck little bird. So I hand the leash to my m…

When bad things happen to Christians

Let's just start off by saying being a Christan does not mean all the bad things in life won't touch us. Quite the contrary. Let me introduce you to several people, Job and Ruth.

In the land of Uz, there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. Job 1:1 NIV

Job lost everything as a test. His family, home, wealth, animals, even his health. It got to the point that his wife told him to "Curse God and die" but he didn't and, in the end, the Lord blessed him.

 Job 42: 12-13 The LORD blessed the latter part of Job's life more than the former part. He had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand donkeys. And he also had seven sons and three daughters... NIV

 In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land. So a man from Bethlehem in Judah, together with his wife and two sons, went to live for a while in the country of Moab. The man's name was El…