What Would Happen...

What would happen?

What would happen if we prayed?

What would happen if instead of listening to people talk about others, we prayed...

                                                           for those on my street?

What if we all prayed for our neighbors?

How much different would our country be?

This week we are studying the Great Awakenings, and it has made me wonder...

The great awakenings were brought on by Christians (real Christians not just people saying with there chest puffed out "Well I am a Christian" I mean people who lived it to the fullest extent) got on their knees and prayed.

So I wonder; what would happen?

What stops us?

Why do we complain about how bad it's gotten and yet do nothing?


How many would it take praying to make a change? One? Two? Five? How many? How many are willing to go against the flow? How many would be willing to change them selves to change the world? Am I?

Hmmm..... I wonder...  Are you willing to give it a try with me?

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