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Mushroom Swiss Burger

This burger is a delicious mix of mushrooms and swiss cheese and creamy alfredo sauce. I first had one like it at Cheddar's restaurant and fell in love!  I had it again recently and I didn't like the changes they made in it. They added pickles, lettuce, mayo and mustard and removed the alfredo sauce. It was gross.  So, we decided to make our own mushroom swiss burger. Try it out and let us know what you think. We try to use organic stuff when we cook but use what you have or what you can. 

Beef Patty
Swiss Cheese
Burger Bun
Nutritional Yeast
Himalayan Salt
Mrs. Dash
2 Tablespoons Organic Flour
2 Tablespoons Grass Fed Butter
1 Cup Milk

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Sautee mushrooms in a saucepan. Melt butter in a pan, whisk in flour. Add milk stirring continually until thickened. Add mushrooms. Cook beef patty in a pan, sprinkle with nutritional yeast, salt and Mrs. Dash. Melt cheese over meat. Remove to burger bun, cover with sauce and mushrooms.

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The Lies The Mirror Tells Us

Mirrors lie. Especially to us ladies. 

They tell us we are fat, that we are ugly. That we are unwanted, unlovable and worthless. I was doing photography last summer for my friends Equine Obstacle Challenge and I was amazed at the fact that almost every lady out there hated something about herself. These women who had the courage to get on a massive creature and tell them what to do hated the way they looked. The hated their skin, the size of their body and so many other things that now one but them see. Where others saw that they were having fun, that they enjoyed being outside, that they weren't afraid, they saw wrinkled skin tanned by days in the sun working with an animal who had stolen their heart.

 I heard some ask no photos from the side, another that she never got pictures of herself taken. So as I sat there editing photos I couldn't help praying that when they got to see these picture they would see themselves through His eyes, not their own. And you know what, almost all bought them and were surprised at how good they looked (It's amazing how far photo effects and a little prayer will go).

How much differently would we feel if instead of looking into the mirror with human eyes and seeing the pimple or zit those irritating freckles that someone enjoyed teasing us about? Or that we aren't as tiny as some people. But instead, we looked in the mirror through His eyes. Instead, we saw what He sees. Mirrors lie because they can only see what the world counts as beautiful not what God considers beautiful.

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In the bible, most of the names that stick out are men, but there are some amazing women of God in those pages. Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Jael, Rehab, Ruth, Ester, Hannah, Mary, Martha and her sister Mary, Jairus's daughter (the one that was dead and Jesus brought back to life), Elizabeth, Anna, Joanna, The woman about to be stoned, The crippled woman, Tabitha, Syrophoenician woman & her daughter, The woman at the well, the woman who was bleeding just to name a few, trust me I can keep going.

Some of them made huge mistakes which are forever remembered through the pages of the bible. But they all have something to teach us. Some are lessons of Faith, others that no matter what others say God can use you for amazing things like Deborah leading the entire nation or Jael in her own back yard (or tent in her case).

All through the New Testament, Jesus is reaching out to women and not just the ones that have their life all straightened out. The woman about to be stoned was a prostitute. The women who anointed his feet was a sinner. He reached out to the ones who were considered trash, he reached out to the poor along with the rich. When he rose from the dead who were the first ones that He appeared to? A group of women.

Christians during the first century were often known as the ones that would go to the trash heaps or (dump) where Roman families would leave babies to be exposed, and rescue the infants. They most times were girls, but also children with the wrong color eyes, or hair, or were not physically the way the father wanted or were handicapped in some way. Midwives would place a newborn child at the Father's feet. If they reached out and picked up the child it became part of the family, if not it would be taken outside and was exposed. Left to die. They said that it was up to the "gods" if it lived or died.

Jesus often does that for us.  He goes to the dump and picks us up out of the trash and says you are worth more than precious jewels. You are beautiful. You are not defined by the world's standards but His.

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 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 30:30-31
So get out there beautiful!  Be all who He has created you to be and let that beauty shine. 

Holy Land Tour: Jerusalem

Israel 2017

This is day one of our tour, I am so excited even though I MAY have slept 1 hour - it's debatable.

I'm sitting here in the dining room of The David Citadel Hotel.

They prepared a fabulous buffet for us. Pink and yellow grapefruit, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, apples, oranges, numerous cheeses, and salads! Many varieties of salads -unusual for breakfast.  I looked to the right side of the room and thought, "Is that cheesecake  I see -for breakfast?"  Not sure, I had to try it, of course.  Sure enough, it was cheesecake along with many other desserts.  Then there were the eggs, potatoes, omelet bars, waffles, cereals, juices, coffee, and teas.  Needless to say - ALOT of food!

Eric came down earlier and ate so I'm sitting alone contemplating the day ahead. I can see the old walls of Jerusalem in the distance as I think about all I am about to experience and what a dream come true this is.

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I should back up and document what led up to this trip to the Holy Land.
I originally signed up with another church to make this journey probably 16 years ago.  The trip was canceled.

Since I've been going to Calvary, I've signed up probably 4 times. For one reason or another, I was not on the tour.

Last summer they announced the date for sign ups.  Unfortunately, it was in July while I was in Cabo with my son and his family. There is limited availability and I knew I will be on the waiting list again.
Every few months I would call Pastor Jacks secretary, Robin, to see if I was moving up the list.  I was moving, but very slowly and still pretty far down on the list. 

In the meantime, one of our kiddos asked my husband and me if we would babysit one of the nights the group would be in Israel.  I told them, as I'd been telling everyone for years, that I was on the waiting lists for Israel. 
I'd let them know.

March 7th I decided to call one last time. Again I was told it was full.  I was told,
"Last year someone broke their arm so you never know."  I'm not wishing that on anyone! I thought "oh I should just tell the kids I'll babysit" then thought " I'm going to wait a couple more days."

Thursday morning  March 9th, I'm driving to see clients and praying. I've found that driving is a good time for me to pray.  No distractions and lots of traffic.  One of the few times in the day that I have solitude.  During my prayer, I asked,  " Lord should I babysit or is there a possibility that I'm going to Israel? I don't want to go if I'm not supposed to go at this time so
"Your will be done Lord, but.... you know Monday is my birthday and this would be a great present." 

About 5 hours later I was working in my Anaheim office when the call came from Robin.
"Are you still interested and able to go to Israel? We have an opening for two!"
Happy Birthday from the Lord to me!!!!

I had to find a travel mate and had to find one like right now. If interested, the names were going to the airline tickets that night!

After some frantic phone calls and text messages, my son Eric, with the encouragement of his wife, my sweet daughter-in-law, agreed to go with me.
18 days later we were on a plane and today- whatever day this is in my sleep deprived, time changed mind, I'm here and ready to embark on our first tour of the holy land!
Thank you, Lord!

Now back to our day:
 The majority of our group arrived yesterday around 10 am.  Because we did not arrive at the hotel until midnight last night, they decided to change the schedule for today and take it easy on us.

We were each assigned a bus for our entire stay in Israel. Eric and I are on the "blue" King David bus.  We were also assigned a whisperer-(earphones and electronic communication system so we could hear our guide.  Our guide is with "Behold Israel Tours" and his name is Elijah, but he prefers Elle.

Today is Shabbat/ Sabbath so the sites will close early.

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Our first stop was to the Israel Museum (or  מוזיאון ישראל‎‎) that was fairly close by. It is located in Givat Ram on a hill in Jerusalem. It was a beautiful museum and thTere was a large model of the old city of Jerusalem.
This was interesting as they pointed out and explained what we would be seeing over the next few days.

We also saw parts of the actual Dead Sea Scrolls! What a discovery!  I'll explain more about this later.
(Tomorrow we are going to Qumran where there were discovered.)

After lunch, we proceeded to the Holocaust Museum Vad Vashem The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
This photo was taken at the children's exhibit.

There were two parts to this museum, the children's exhibit, and the main museum.  Both horribly sad.
The Hall Of Names is a place that gives honor and pays tribute to the lives of the six million victims of the holocaust.There they have displays of the names of those lost as well as photographs and brief bios of those lost given by those that survived, family members and friends. It is a heart-wrenching testimonial of those that were lost. The Valley of the Communities is a place that has been excavated from under the earth and on the 107 walls that make up this memorial over 5000 names of Jewish communities that existed for hundreds of years and now most of which are completely gone without a trace.

Incidentally, I watched a movie on the plane called "Denial".  Excellent.  How can they deny this happened? Unbelievable!

Well, that is all for this time, join me next week for more of our amazing adventures in the Holy Land!

To buy, rent or watch the trailer of the "Denial" movie click here.

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Yad Vashem:



Israel Museum - Jerusalem

Debbie lives in Southern California with her husband Doug and her amazing children and grandchildren.  She is a successful business woman and is active in her church and community. 

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Hardenburg Castle Ruins - Bad Dürkheim, Germany

Welcome back to Germany, Today we finish our journey in the Bad Durkheim area. After leaving the monastery we made our way to another set of ruins, Hardenburg Castle. She sits high above the town on a hill on the eastern edge of the Palatinate Forest near Bad Dürkheim, Germany.

Hardenburg Castle is one of the largest castle ruins in the western Rhineland-Palatine area. The Castle was constructed by the counts of Leiningen-Hardenburg, on land belonging to the Benedictine monastery at Limburg (Cloister ruins Limburg Monastery) a few miles away (The ruins we just left) when count Freidrich of Leiningen was granted governorship of the abbey by King Phillip of Swabia in 1205.

As you walk along the grounds it whispers to you of the stories it holds and in the back of your mind, you can almost see knights in armor and ladies in beautiful gowns that must have walked these ancient paths and hallways.

The earliest count of Leiningen I could find any information on was Emich II who died before the year 1138 AD. This line died when Count Frederick died without male heir.  Frederick's sister Liutgarde then married Simon II the count of Saarbrucken. Liutgarde then had a son she named Frederick and he inherited the lands of the counts of Leiningen and also took their name.
This family in the middle ages was the second most powerful ruling family in the area next to the Palatin Counts of the South Rhineland-Palatinate.

In the 16th century, the castle was added on to and became a great fortress. There are only remnants of an upper wall to show the existence of the castle itself today.

 In 1690 French troops captured and occupied the castle during the Palatinate War of Succession (1688-97).  Which was waged between Louis XIV of France (after his invasion (1688) of the Palatinate) and the Grand (Britain, the Netherlands, and Austria) the first major engagement began when Louis XIV’s army crossed into Rhineland in September 1688. They laid siege to Philippsburg and after a month it finally fell. The army quickly overtook many key cities in Palatinate including Worms, Kaiserslautem, Mainz, Heidelberg and Manheim. But this as far as they would go, The German princes met in Magdeburg on the 22nd of October and united their armies against the invaders.

Rather than fight a protracted war on German soil Louis XIV retreated, burning all the main cities and towns in their wake to the ground or destroying them. The German forces finally reached the Palatinate in 1689 laying siege to Mainz on July 22nd. The French surrendered on September 8th.

During this time some of the outer works of the castle were destroyed. In  1725 the ancestral seat moved from Hardenburg Castle to Bad Dürkheim, where they had already started to build a new castle that would include a theater, royal stables, barracks and a pleasure garden. On March 29th, 1794, French revolutionary forces returned and attacked Hardenburg Castle this time they burnt it down. All the furnishings and equipment were destroyed and the western bastion was blown up.

In the first part of the 19th Century, the castle was robbed of most of its building material. Since 1947 the castle has belonged to Rhineland-Palatinate. In the 70's, 80's and early 90's the castle was restored, so that visitors could visit the ruins safely.

Walking thru the ruins and seeing the thickness of the walls and the size of it all makes you wonder what it took to build it. Carrying water and the rocks itself had to be a great undertaking.
In 1933- 184 Jewish people lived in the area, by the time 1938 rolled around only 40 remained due to the economic boycott and dehumanization by the Nazis. During the Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) or Night Of Broken Glass in 1938 (It was called this because of the price of all the broken glass in looted Jewish shops $1,250,000) the synagogue was ransacked.

The instruction for the destruction of Jewish homes and businesses were teletyped to all SS headquarters and state police stations, The local police were told not to interfere with the rioting, and as many Jews as possible were to be arrested to be deported to concentration camps.
In Reinhard Heydrich’s report to Hermann Goering after the Night Of Broken Glass, the damage was evaluated to be: “…815 shops destroyed, 171 dwelling houses set on fire or destroyed… 119 synagogues were set on fire, and another 76 completely destroyed… 20,000 Jews were arrested, 36 deaths were reported and those seriously injured were also numbered at 36…” Later estimates were that as many as 7,500 Jewish shops were looted, and there were several incidents of rape. (The rapists were thrown out of the Nazi Party and handed over to the police for prosecution while those responsible for the murders could not be punished because they were following orders.
Insurance companies went nearly bankrupt after the Night of Broken Glass due to all the claims, to resolve this Hermann Goering came up with a “solution”. Insurance money due the victims of Kristallnacht was to be confiscated by the state a part of it funneled back into the insurance companies to keep them afloat.
In October 1940 the 19 Jews still remaining here were deported to Gurs Concentration camp in southern France. The camp was originally built to house Republican refugees fleeing from the Spanish Civil War, later it held refugees fleeing persecution from Nazi-occupied Germany and Austria. When France surrendered to the Nazis in June 1940 became the main concentration camp for Marshal Philippe Pétain’s and began receiving Jews and various dissidents.

By 1941 there were 15,000 inmates, including Jews expelled from Germany and Belgium. Malnutrition and bad sanitation killed numerous inmates. In late 1942 deportations began to extermination camps in occupied Poland. Most Jewish prisoners were sent to Transit camp Drancy near Paris and then to Auschwitz and Sobibor. Deportations ended in August 1943, by then only 1,200 prisoners remained and of them only 48 were Jewish.
The town was hit hard by an Allied air raid March 18, 1945, more than 300 people lost their lives. 

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The Lone Star Burger

Don't mess with Texas! We reached out to our Texas cousins for some big Texas flavors for this burger. Packed with pulled BBQ pork, fried jalapenos, crispy onions, Ortega chilies, pepper jack cheese, and bacon. One thing is for sure this baby is as big and flavorful as it's namesake. 

Pulled Pork
Nitrate Free Bacon
Burger Patty 
Nutritional Yeast
Bread Crumbs


Pepper Jack
Bread Crumbs
Nutritional Yeast

On a plate mix bread crumbs, salt, and nutritional yeast. Heat oil in a frying pan. Slice tops off of peppers and core. Stuff with pepper jack cheese, dip in yogurt then dredge through bread crumbs. Place in hot oil flipping until all sized are golden brown and the pepper is soft. Remove from pan and set aside.

BBQ Pork:

BBQ Sauce
Pulled Pork

Heat pulled pork in a pan, pour BBQ sauce on top and mix.


Ground Beef Patty
Nutritional Yeast
Pepper Jack Cheese

In a skillet slowly cook patties, sprinkle with salt nutritional yeast and pepper. Cook until almost done, place a slice of cheese over the top. Remove from pan.


1-2 Tablespoons BBQ sauce
1/4 Cup Mayonnaise

Mix until combined.


Spread BBQ Mayonnaise over buns, place jalapeno poppers on the bottom bun, follow that with the patty. Next top with fried bacon, Ortega chilies, fried onions and BBQ pork. Use a toothpick to attach the second bun and dig in!

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Stop Comparing, Run

Let's face it. We aren't like anyone else. We are as unique as our fingerprints, some may look a little more alike- but not one of is like another. Yet we compare ourselves to others, we use others accomplishments as a measuring stick for who or what we say we should be.

We place others on a scale to build us up or tear down what He has built. You and I and the girl down the street- you know her, the one with the perfect figure and awesome put together life (wink wink). None of us were made to be like another one. You are Gods great craftsmanship, his work of art. We weren't supposed to look like everyone else.

Personally, I love to travel. I would love to see the world- but I am truly horrible with languages. My twin, on the other hand, is pretty good. She picks it up well and can even throw in the right accent. See I could spend my time sulking and comparing- but that isn't going to get me anywhere. Besides who wants to travel alone?
"Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else." (Galatians 6:4 LB)
Do your best and leave it at the feet of Christ. Your story isn't going to match anyone else, so don't try to force it. You're the heroine, not the writer. Trust Him, and push ahead. Stop focusing on someone else story. Focus on Him, because He is the only one that matters.

Once you know the author you can see His fingerprints all over the story- instead of what could have been if we were someone else. 

He has HUGE things planned for you, but you can't embrace them if you are constantly wanting to be in your neighbor's lane. Think of it like a race, if you are so busy watching the people on either side of you, you A) are going to get a stiff neck and B) miss what He has in store for you. Focus on Him, not those around you. Fix your eyes on Him and He will direct your path.

Visiting The Holy Land

We are here!
Praise the Lord!

The journey was long. We met the shuttle at 12:30 pm, Wednesday for our ride to LAX in order to meet our Calvary Chapel group at 2:30 pm. Surprise surprise surprise we made it in one hour! We met Pastor Shad and picked up our passport and itinerary, checked our bags and were off to San Francisco-almost. We had about a 3 + hour wait. The plane was a little late and San Fran had too many flights- but no worries.

We made it to San Fran about 7:15. Then off to the international terminal.

Israelis have much better security than we do. We had our passports checked at least 5 times including a search of self and belongings. I'm OK with that but so sad it's necessary. We sat on the runway for a long time it seemed but finally, we were in the air on our way across the world.

We flew over CA, the NE tip of NV the SE tip of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, thru the middle of Canada, across what looked like the east arctic frozen tundra on the map. Then back down over Norway, Sweden, the Baltic Sea, Poland, various smaller countries, Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea and finally Tel Aviv.

It was interesting to watch the day turn to night to day and again night as we soared at 600mph, almost 39,000 feet thru various time zones. At one point while Eric and I were up stretching by the galley, I looked out a small window and saw the most beautiful site, clouds as far as the eye could see with the moon shining on them casting everything in the most glorious shade of blue.

No camera, of course, but spectacular.

This flight lasted about 14 hours later, yuck! Unfortunately, they didn't seat Eric and me together. Luckily the were able to upgrade him slightly to "economy plus". Still cramped but if you knew Eric and his very long legs you would understand that those long legs wouldn't have made it in economy class. We both managed a little sleep and were served two dinners. Chicken or pasta after takeoff and chicken or pasta before landing. I guess technically it was night in Israel, even though it was breakfast for us.

The Tel Aviv Airport is modern. More security at the airport. We had long lines to go through passport check. They weren't messing around. About an hour later we were gathered together

With our group luggage in hand heading for our tour bus. At 10:22 pm Thursday, Pastor Shad prayed. Thanking the Lord for this wonderful blessing. My eyes teared up knowing I was finally here in God's land, one flowing with milk and honey!

And we were off again - from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem -a 45-minute drive.

At last, we arrived at the David Citadel Hotel. Beautiful!

They greeted us warmly with our choice of OJ, Grapefruit juice, and sweet goodies.

Finally in our room around midnight. The accommodations are excellent and the bed looks heavenly. Can't wait to stretch out this tired but happy body.

Until next time, Shalom from the Holy Land. ~ Debbie

Debbie lives in Southern California with her husband Doug and her children and grandchildren.

Pearl Harbor Burger

The Pearl Harbor Burger is packed with some amazing rich flavors like roasted seaweed, pineapple, starfruit, pearl onions, nitrate free bacon, sharp cheddar and sweet chili sauce. Grab a napkin and dig into this delicious burger. 

Pearl Onions
Pineapple Slices
Star Fruit
White Sharp Cheddar
Burger Patty
Himalayan Pink Salt
Nutritional Yeast
Pineapple Juice
Sweet Chili Sauce
Hamburger Buns

Rehydrate seaweed sheets in pineapple juice. Fry bacon until crispy, and set aside. Slice onions and pineapple and heat in sweet chili sauce. Cook burger patties, splash pineapple juice into the pan, sprinkle with Himalayan Pink salt, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Melt a slice of cheese over meat patty, lay a sheet of seaweed on top.

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Spread mayonnaise on a burger bun, the meat on one side of the bread, spoon sauce with onions and pineapple. Slide a pearl onion, half a ring of pineapple and a slice of star fruit onto a toothpick, slide in the the second toothpick into the pearl onion. Slice the top of the hamburger bun and insert a sheet of sea weed. Stick the toothpick into the bun and serve.

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Friday Isn't The End Of The Story

This week- beginning with Palm Sunday, the day Jesus was welcomed with palm branches and ending with Good Friday. A day of death. Of atonement. Of one innocent man dying a horrible and painful death so that all may live. Not because we asked Him to, not because He had to, but because He loved us. In all of our broken, ugly, dirtiness. He loved us. Even as our sins nailed him to that piece of wood.

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Matthew 21:9 NIV

But the story doesn't end with that black day on the calendar... no. Sunday came and with it new life! Resurrection from the ash of our brokenness. The world- history changed on that Friday. Innocence died, the very person we had been waiting for with eager anticipation for generations.

The same person we had pinned our hopes to had come- and we crucified Him. We took the son of God- and nailed Him to a tree. Because we couldn't believe that something that simple was true- was right. No, surely it would be harder, wouldn't it? Surely He would come like a mighty warrior, not a small infant. It couldn't be that easy. No.

How dark it must have seemed to those who walked with Jesus day in and day out. The man they had grown to love- who they watched teach, heal, and love the most broken 'unlovable' people. He was a good man! Why?

How could a good God allow this to happen? He had served God faithfully. Why? Where was the plan in this? Couldn't He have swept in and saved His son? Couldn't He have done something? Anything but this? Wasn't He powerful enough?

And then the doubt began to creep in no doubt... Was He really the son of God? He performed miracles- couldn't he have saved himself. Called fire from the sky- or simply disappeared? Why did He allow them to nail Him to that cross?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV

The saddest words in a story are The End. To all earthly viewpoints, this was the end.

All those great things Jesus had done in His lifetime, all those miracles all those lives He changed, people He healed, hearts he pieced back together. It all came to a screeching halt. "It Is Finished". He said it Himself. God turned the page and began a new chapter.

But instead of allowing us to wallow in our own understanding, instead of leaving us with the consequences of our crimes God raised Him from the dead. The final sacrifice. A sacrifice that bridged the gap between the father and the child. So that nothing. Nothing could separate us from Him again. Romans 8:37-39 NIV

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

 It should have been me. It should have been you. But not Him, he was innocent- and yet He loved us so much that He died for all of our sins. Not just the little stuff, but the big ugly "unforgivable" stuff. 

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5 NIV

No matter how dark it may seem always remember Sunday is coming. The story isn't finished yet.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 NIV

Aldi Rose Arbor Deal

We love to garden here at the cottage.  It is something sacred that has been passed down from our grandmother.  She had been a part of our lives from the beginning and we were at her side always, cooking and growing things in the dirt.  It was just part of us and her since we could walk.

 Grandma loved roses. She is the original Rosevine Cottage Girl! She was always picking out a pretty bush here or there.  Well, she bought some pretty climbing roses but the arbors, well let's just say we have been needing another arbor for grandma's climbing roses for awhile.

We have had arbors in the past but the wind would always get them and knock them down.

We put this up one day and that night boom they were gone... well along with that tree that you can see in the background. This was a scary one! We were huddled in the basement wondering why we moved to Middle Tennessee.  You heard a great big WOOSH and then dirt and debris blew under the house between the walls and the foundation and rained down on us.

Dad wouldn't let us out that night, but let me tell you, I was not a happy girl. Here I am with my arbor down and my house without a roof.

How rude!

Then we tried these other ones that we just fastened to the fence, but they were not adequate to the job. The roses quickly would grow up and over and around!

Next we tried to just train them on the fence, but it never did quite right.

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We love a good deal at the cottage so while we were out shopping for some organics at our local Aldi store we found this garden trellis there.  It seemed like a pretty good deal at $29.99 so we purchased it.

It was the last one there and looked like it had been opened previously.  It was a cold and rainy day so we decided to put it together in the living room (doesn't everyone?).  They have it so that you can hook two together to make a gazebo or they have L- brackets so you can even hook half of them to a wall or fence.

The directions were pretty clear cut and each section had 3 bolt and nut pairs that held it together.  We went along and finger tightened them first and then went back with the tools and tightened them.

We put the end pieces with the spikes that go in the ground on last out on the deck when there was a lull in the weather so we didn't get hurt getting it out the back door. We were worried it would be too narrow for the spot but when we carried it over, it looked pretty good.

We used to have a gate here so the neighbor could come and go easily and so that might be the next big project to tackle, making a double gate here.

I think we will have to anchor it further because we get really high winds here sadly but I like the way it looks.

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We took the time to take the bush and tie the branches training them to climb up the arbor.  I think grandma would be happy to see her roses on this. What do you think?

These bushes are COVERED in buds so I hope that the weather will behave.  It got down in the upper 30's last night but there was talk of ... I can't get myself to even say it. Pray for good weather tonight.  I am trying to make the rose garden beautiful for Gram.  I know she is no longer here with us, but I want to honor her memory and make it beautiful - God willing.

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DIY Spring Wreath

I don't know about you but I love spring! I also love when I can repurpose things into my DIY projects, which is why I love this wreath I made for the little cottage out back so much! 

What you will need: 

Old Garden Hose 
News paper 

Wind the hose into a circle and wrap floral wire around the the section where both ends are and knot it. Snip Wire.

Wire the stems of the fake flowers together. Knot and snip wire. 

Wire flowers onto hose wreath, make sure it is secure and snip wire. 

Stuff a glove with news paper (For some reason garden gloves are like socks in this house they always go missing so we have lots of single gloves and luckily for me Mr. Cottage brought a lot of news paper home in his luggage).

Wire glove over the stems of the flowers, pull tight enough to hold it firmly but not so tight it looks funny.

Super easy, and so cute! This is a great way to reuse things that would normally just end up in the trash.

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