Cheese Strips - Huntington Beach Style

We are California Girls and as such we love to hang out at the beach.  Huntington Beach is one of our favorite places to be and when at the beach Dwight's Beach Concession is the place for your munchies. 

Here is our version of their Cheese Strips.  My aunts would make these for my mom when she was little and grandma made them after they all got married and moved away.
This is so easy and tastes so good. For this recipe you will need:


Mexican Cheese Mix
Favorite Salsa
Coconut Oil or your favorite frying oil
Himalayan Pink Salt or salt of your choice


Slice Tortillas into strips, fry in skillet with oil. When crisp remove to a paper towel and lightly salt. Add cheese on top and serve with a bowl of salsa.

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