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Easy Homemade Egg Nog

4 raw Organic Eggs 2-3 Tablespoons Organic Maple Syrup 1 Cup Organic Cream 3 Cups Organic Milk 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1/4 Teaspoon Nutmeg

Blend in the blender until frothy and serve.

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Cheekwood Botanical Garden And Museum Of Art

Christopher T. Cheek moved to Tennessee in the 1800's and started a wholesale grocery business with his son Leslie. In 1896 Leslie married Mabel Wood, they had two children together the first in 1908 and the second in 1915. During these years the elder Cheek cousin created one of the best blends of coffee, it was sold to the best hotel in Nashville 'The Maxwell House'.

They later bought 100 acres of woodland in west Nashville, hiring Bryant Flemming to design and build the house and garden that would become Cheekwood. It was completed in 1933 and the family moved into the mansion in January just two years before the death of Leslie. Their daughter and her husband resided at the home until the 1950's when they offered it as a botanical garden and museum of art. It was opened to the public in 1960.

Preparing For Christmas | Am I Thankful?

It's Thanksgiving again. A time to be thankful, to give thanks for everything we have. But am I truly thankful? Or am I just going through the motions?  Thanksgiving falls before Christmas, a time to say thank you; for the gift to come. Christ.

Am I thankful, for the men and woman who fought to protect my freedom, the men, and woman who patrol the area to keep my family and me safe, The men and woman who are a phone call away when someone I love is hurt. For the person who delivers my mail, bags my groceries, makes my food when we eat out. The person who gave me their parking spot? The neighbor who picks up the trash in the neighborhood, the friend who is always there? The job that provides for us? Am I thankful for the little things? Like the beautiful sunrise, a smile, beautiful leaves, time to spend, the laughter of a child, four-legged friends.

Am I truly thankful? Today spend a few moments thanking Him for everything he has given you, from the big things to the little things…

Super Premium 5 HTP Review

Recently the Rosevine Cottage Girls were asked to review called Super Premium 5 HTP by Chronos Pharma. They offered us a free bottle to use and one for one of our friends on the blog! The bottle says it is for mood and weight support. 5 HTP  or 5 Hydroxytryptophan.

I have not noticed a difference in the weight area but it may be because I have not taken it long enough.   I did use it the last few days and they happened to be days that were a bit stressful.  I have noticed that I was able to deal with the stress better and that I had a more positive outlook. It seemed like I was able to sleep better the nights that I took the product and felt more rested when I woke up.  All in all, I liked it and will continue to use it as needed.

And now it is time for you to try this great product! The company has given us the opportunity to giveaway 1 bottle of Super Premium 5 HTP!

use this code 7PE64YHX for 30% off your order.

*Received this product free for my honest opinion*

Supporting Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Mademeathens - handmade jewelry, artwork, dolls, wreaths, and some vintage items Z&mecreations - hand made jewelry, wire work, wrap bracelets, watercolor pendants  Art From The Cabin - acrylic & watercolor art, cards & gift tags Bits And Bobs - Handmade baby bonnets Rosevine Cottage - prints, clothing, stationary, phone cases, computer skins, mugs & travel mugs, bags, notebooks and journalsTexas Favorites & Country Treasures - Santas, snowmen, raggedy dolls & bird swingsCrafts N Things by Leisa - Crochet items, jewelry and a small inventory of other items. She also has a craft page ( where lots more items can be seen and ordered.  Can make custom items.Holy Serendipity - Divine Serendipit√© - Loads of Vintage items Granny Apple Craft - crochet throws, baby buntings, earrings, and other misc.The Creative Tree - personalized items with vinyl, decals and Christmas ornaments.Perfectly Posh - Handmade Artisan Holiday Gif…

Grassmere Historic Farm

Grassmere was built by Col. Michael C. Dunn, it was finished around 1810. It's the second oldest home open to the public in Davidson County Tennessee.  Originally built in the Federal style but was later renovated into the Italianate with the large porches by William Dickson Shute and his wife Lavinia after the Civil war. Together they had four daughters that lived to adulthood.

 Their daughter Kate married her husband William Croft here in 1888, they had two daughters Margaret and Elise. In 1902, William Croft moved his family to Cuba for business reasons. Every summer Margaret and Elise returned to Grassmere to stay with their grandparents and aunts. In 1931, the girls moved back to Grassmere where they stayed until their deaths in 1974 and 1985 .

We always have a great time at this beautiful house and the Nashville zoo. We go every year! Even if we have seen it a ton of times it's always fun to stroll through the leaves and enjoy the beautiful lines of the house. 


Preparing For Christmas | Unplug

Tap. Tap. Tap. Scroll. Scroll...

While the children play they sit, there phones in there hands as if it were part of them.  Their eyes glued to the screen- paying no attention to their children. Whatever is on their screens it commands their full attention. Aliens could have abducted them and they would never have known.

Is this how you want your kids to remember the Holidays? Through a screen? How do you remember Christmas growing up?

Turn off the Cell phones, the Television, the computer, the IPad, the video games, the 'whatever' that keeps your family separated in their own little world. You don't know who will be with you next year, or whose chairs will remain empty. Treasure the 'now', because it will never come again. Your kids will never be this age again. Your grandkids will never be this age again, and your parents may not be with you next year.

Around this time last year my grandma passed away unexpectedly, leaving us to face Thanksgiving and Christmas w…

Mrs. Cottage's Cornish Game Hens

Leftover cooked long grain rice Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil and Garlic Himalayan Pink Salt Pepper Paprika Sage Poultry Seasoning Cranberry Sauce
4 Cornish Game Hens
Wash hens inside and out, remove giblets. Part skin from the meat  in back and front, season with garlic, salt, paprika, sage, poultry seasoning and pepper if desired. Spoon inside of bird cranberry sauce (you can find our recipe here), follow with rice, then sauce then rice again until filled. Season outside of bird and cook for 1 hour 19 minutes in a greased pan at 380 F. You can spoon more cranberry sauce over the top if you would like.

Serve with a couple of vegetables and some cold cranberry sauce if you like.

How To Brine A Turkey

A couple years ago we raised a bunch of free range organic turkeys and chickens for the freezer. When we took them to the butcher, I know I could have done it myself- I actually have before once with the help of a very dear friend and another time Mr. Cottage and I took on a very large turkey. It took about 6 hours in a January sleet storm. But I am a wimp so you will have to cut me some slack I did raise these guys after all. The people at the place we took them were stunned.

I think we took six all at one time all weighed over 20 lbs. The biggest broke their record at 50 lbs. I'm not exactly sure what the four of us are going to do with a 50 lbs bird...

We decided to brine and then smoke one of the turkeys for thanksgiving. We picked the smallest (hey there are only so many meals you can make out of turkey!) and looked around on the internet for a good recipe. After looking at a couple we finally decided to just come up with our own.

1/2 Onion chopped 4 Bay leaves 1/2 Tablesp…