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Flowers To Plant In Your Garden That Repel Bugs

Our family loves spending time in the yard, there is no better place than sitting on the back porch watching with a cool glass of sun tea and watching the sky fade into the night. But we always end up eaten alive if we aren't slathered in bug spray, ever have this problem? Well here are some plants that will help make your time outside a little more pleasant!

Chrysanthemums - Japenese Beetles, nematodes, roaches, ticks, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs, spider mites, Clover - Grasshoppers, potato bugsDahlia - NematodesGeranium - Cabbage worms, gnats, mosquitosLavender - Ants, gnats, ticksRelated Article: Insect Repelling Herbs To Plant In Your Garden
Marigolds - Nematodes, white flies, mosquitos, ants, asparagus beetle, bean beetle, potato bug,Mexican Marigolds - GnatsNasturtium - Aphids, whiteflies, cucumber beetles, bean beetle, squash bugs, cabbage loopers,Pot Marigold - Tomato horn wormPetunia - Asparagus beetle, tomato hornworm, leafhoppers, squash bugs, Pennyroyal - MosquitosYarrow …

I'm Possible

Ever feel like it's just impossible? It's too high a goal? Too hard to accomplish? Too lofty a height? Too scary? Too big a thing for little old you to do. So you tell yourself it's impossible, that you'll never touch those stars... 
Me too. All the time! I am my own worst critic. I can tear myself down better than anyone else, I know just the right words to make me stop before I begin. You can't do it, you're not good enough. Not qualified, a failure. It's impossible

Nothing is impossible the word its self says I'm possible - Audrey Hepburn
First of all, I love Audrey Hepburn, not only was she a great actress but a very wise woman. She has some great quotes out there that you should really check out, but this one has to be one of my favorites. I'm also a huge fan of inventors and creators (I know- sounds crazy but there is some much we can learn from them). Many of them started with nothing. Some immigrants with just the clothing on their backs. But…

Huntington Beach Burger

Huntington Beach- sun, sand, salt water and cheese strips. Several years ago now we made a trip to what will always be home deep in our hearts. No matter how long or how far this beautiful stretch of beach will be home away from the Cottage, but when we are away we try to bring the flavors to the Cottage and so we introduce this delicious burger!

Ingredients:Cheese Strips Lettuce  Beef PattieKetchupHot SauceMayonaiseHimalayan SaltNutritional YeastMrs. Dash Lemon Peper Cheesy Hamburger Buns (recipe below)
Related Article: California Dreamin' Burger Sauce: Ketchup  Hot Sauce (to taste) Directions: Mix well. Cheesy Hamburger Buns: Ingredients: 1 1/8 Cup Spring Water
3/4 Tbsp Raw Sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil melted but not hot
1 1/4 Teaspoons Himalayan Salt
3 Cups Organic Flour
2 Teaspoons Dry Yeast
1/4 Cup Cheddar Cheese
Directions: We put the water, sugar, and oil in the bread machine. Follow with flour, salt, yeast and cheese. Set bread maker to "dough" cycle. When …

Istha Germany Trip part 1

OK, I have a question for you. Say you loved history and loved genealogy and spent lots of time with your family trying to discover your roots and suddenly you had the opportunity to go to a city in far away Germany to go walk in the town where your 8 thru 12X great grandfathers lived, what would you do?

This is the position that I have found myself. I am working for a new company and have been sent to Germany right smack dab in the middle of where these ancestors have roamed since the 1500's and beyond that I am sure, that is just how far I have gotten so far.

So Join me on my journey walking the streets of my ancestors while I share a little bit about them with you.

My 12th great grandfather Thomas Klopp was born in this town in 1563. He married his bride Elisabeth when he was at 23 years old and she a girl of 21 in 1588.

They started life together happily having children and making a life in their village working hard and raising children and going to their village protes…

Insect Repelling Herbs To Plant In Your Garden

It seems winter has arrived again, or maybe just decided that she wasn't quite as tired as she thought. But despite the cold weather spring is in every gardener's heart, a couple weeks ago a sweet lady asked if we had any suggestions on companion planting with herbs that repel bugs so with no further adieu, our favorite insect repelling herbs.

Related Article: Companion Planting Part 3Anise - SlugsBasil - FliesBorage - Tomato Horn WormChives - aphids, carrot rust fly, Japanese beetles, caterpillars Cilantro - aphids, potato bugs, spider mites, grasshoppersCatnip - Weevils Cloves - Squash bugsCalendula - Grasshoppers, potato bugsDill - attracts wasps that eat caterpillars, repels aphids and spider mitesFennel - SlugsGarlic - aphids whiteflies, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, caterpillars, leaf miners, asparagus beetleHorehound - Potato Bugs, grasshoppersHorse Radish - Potato BugsHyssop - AphidsLemon Tyme - GnatsLavender - Ticks, ants, gnats, Lemon Grass - Squash bugs Oregano- Wh…

St. Patrick's Breakfast

Top of the mornin' to ya! Today we are sharing with you a fun Saint Patrick's Day breakfast that is so easy to make and tastes amazing! Are you ready?

1 Free Range Egg
1 Bell Pepper
3 Spinach Leaves
Himalayan Pink Salt
Mrs. Dash
Grass-fed Butter

Slice bell pepper, saute in a pan with oil. Flip once. Crack an egg in the pan inside the bell pepper. Sprinkle with seasoning. Cook to desired doneness, and serve on a bed of spinach leaves.