Flowers To Plant In Your Garden That Repel Bugs

Our family loves spending time in the yard, there is no better place than sitting on the back porch watching with a cool glass of sun tea and watching the sky fade into the night. But we always end up eaten alive if we aren't slathered in bug spray, ever have this problem? Well here are some plants that will help make your time outside a little more pleasant!

  • Chrysanthemums - Japenese Beetles, nematodes, roaches, ticks, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs, spider mites, 
  • Clover - Grasshoppers, potato bugs
  • Dahlia - Nematodes
  • Geranium - Cabbage worms, gnats, mosquitos
  • Lavender - Ants, gnats, ticks

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  • Marigolds - Nematodes, white flies, mosquitos, ants, asparagus beetle, bean beetle, potato bug,
  • Mexican Marigolds - Gnats
  • Nasturtium - Aphids, whiteflies, cucumber beetles, bean beetle, squash bugs, cabbage loopers,
  • Pot Marigold - Tomato horn worm
  • Petunia - Asparagus beetle, tomato hornworm, leafhoppers, squash bugs, 
  • Pennyroyal - Mosquitos
  • Yarrow - Ants

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