Bear One Another's Burdens

The last few years have been a struggle my friend tells me. I am holding on to hope - to faith that my future is in His hands and that in the end, it will be ok. I pray for them as they enter the battles of this life.

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I cry out to God on their behalf and am awakened by a palpable heaviness and their face comes to my mind and I hit my knees for them. Telling them in a short note on social media they are on my heart. I enter battle with them.

My friend is losing her mom. We sit in the waiting room at the hospital in the middle of the night to get a moment - breathe and my friend says " I feel like it has been so long since I have laughed. I feel like I have forgotten how to laugh".

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We sit in the waiting room and watch a comedy from decades past and she with tears rolling down her cheeks finds the elusive laughter and with it tears.

We are not meant to be an island - we are called to carry one another's burdens. We are to lift one another up.

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