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Remembering World War II

Step back in time with me, to the area of swing dancing, big band. red lipstick and the world at war. World War Two has always been one of my favorite time periods. I love the fashion, the hairstyles, the music the movies and the amazing character of that generation. Honestly, who can go wrong with Bing Crosby, The Andrew Sisters, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra,Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and also Nat King Cole, Roy Rogers, and all the rest?  My grandpa served in the Navy aboard the U.S.S Columbus and later the U.S.S. Relief . I will always remember my grandma telling me how they pulled everyone out of class and gathered them in the gym to announce that America had declared war.

Last Saturday we drove to Linden Tennessee to go to Remembering World War II. As a second generation navy brat I had to wear my sailor dress (What can I say, the love of the sea runs in the family). We had such a great time!

If you felt like doing some shopping several of the business were …

Priceless As Rubies

Hello beautiful, yes you. The one reading this. You are beautiful. I know you don't believe me, you think of the sweat pants and a t-shirt that you threw on when you realized you overslept this morning and your hair that you hastily threw into a scrunchy bun so you could make breakfast for the kids and get them ready for school. You think of the dark circles under your eyes where you were up all night with a sick little one. You glance at your unpolished nails- the ones that you don't bother painting anymore because by the end of the day they are all chipped from washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, playing with kiddos and whatever else life has thrown at you. Beautiful? Hardly.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful,I know that full well. Psalms 139:14

But you see your beauty, your worth isn't found in those things. Not in the size of your jeans, or the condition of your hair, not in the makeup that did or didn't make it onto …

Dill Bread Recipe

2/3 Cup Warm Spring Water  2 Tablespoons Oil or Butter 3 Cups Organic Flour 1 Tablespoon Organic Raw Sugar 1 Tablespoon Organic Milk Powder 1 Tablespoon Dill 1 Teaspoon Salt 1 Tablespoon Dried Minced Onion 1/1/2 Tablespoon Yeast 2/3 Organic Cottage Cheese
Place warm water into the bottom of your bread maker, add oil or butter, and follow with flour. In separate places add dill, salt, yeast, onion, milk powder and cottage cheese. Put on dough setting. When finished pull out and shape into dinner rolls, place in a loaf pan or a big bowl to make a round loaf. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

From The Cottage {September}

Here is a little look at what is going on in our little corner of the world.  The stray neighborhood cat we have dubbed Luna because of her great big eyes that look like full moons lounges in our flower urn on the front porch. The flower long gone.

The beautiful pink blossoms are still going strong in the garden.

Grandma's roses are still blooming in the hot September sunshine.

Luna telling me she wants to eat. 

The vegetable garden is still producing wonderful organic produce.

The flock is happy to see me this morning as I come to deliver their breakfast.

Making sure I do the job just right.

Tomatoes heavy on the vine as they wait for me to pick them.

Herbs, lettuce and Kale I am going to put in the garden today.

Aren't these peonies gorgeous?

Proof of our labor.  Jars and jars of freshly canned pear slices sit and cool on a towel on the counter.

Aprons sit at the ready for the next project to be done.

A pot of fresh coffee sits hot and ready for us to enjoy.  The mug is a g…