Cottage Charm Part 8 - Table Manners

Ok, the next installment on our manners post is short and sweet.  Table manners.

I had a friend that made a point to remove all of the food from her plate that she disliked and literally tossed it across the table. We would dine out, and across the table would go the tomato slices followed by the lettuce and the pickles and anything else she didn't like as she disgustedly announced how much she hated these food items. I was shocked, this was a grown woman! And well, I was embarrassed.

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 If we are in a situation where we don't like what is served to us just let it sit to the side on your plate. If you are ordering a meal it is fine to ask for no lettuce or tomatoes, etc. If the meal is burned, too salty or cold that you ordered it is ok to tell someone. But. If you are at someone else's home it is not ok to tell them the food is bad.  And please! Do not throw your food on the table! Act your age, not your shoe size (wink).

Ladies, do not put your purse on the table.  It can go on the next chair, hang on your chair or on the floor by your feet but keep it out of the way of the waiter or waitress.

Please, no elbows on the table and no electronics.  Enjoy your dinner and your family and be present in the moment.  Unless it is a life and death emergency, keep your electronics stowed away.

When you are finished eating put your silverware across your plate diagonally telling the waitstaff that you are finished with your meal.


  1. I notorious for not speaking up if something isn't the way I ordered it. I hate feeling like I'm bothering people, even though I know it's their job. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Me too. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great tips! I always struggle what to do with my purse!

  3. Lol, so crazy she'd throw her food across the table! Sounds like a food fight waiting to happen ;)

  4. I am picky about table manners . The main thing is definitely smacking from anyone I don't care I will say something and the second while at restaurants is having to correct my waitresses on reaching across plates and also not taking my straw out before taking my drink. I may be picky but I just will not tolerate any of that.


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