The Three Trees

My favorite book when I was little was a book called "The Legend Of The Three Trees" (I know the title is a bit strange) I haven't read or heard that book in years but since we had Lil' Cottage living with us, all of our old children's books had been pulled out of their hiding places and with them came this book. (If you have small children in your home I highly recommend it)

The book starts off at creation and tells the story of three trees -an Olive tree, an Oak tree, and a pine tree and their dreams of what they will become. But one by one something along their path makes their dreams look so far away that they lose sight of them and forget them. As they look back their broken dreams seem impossible But in the end they find God's much greater plans for them -as a manger in a dark and smelly stable, a small fishing boat on a quiet lake and a rough cross on the side of the hill- Sometimes, our dreams are a small fraction of what his plans really are for us.

 Things happen and we lose track of our dreams, we forget them in the rush of our journey, but God never loses sight of his plan for us, and they are always so much better than the ones we lose the way because if the Olive had become the treasure chest it had wanted it would never have been in that stable to hold the greatest treasure of all. If the Oak had become the mighty ship for a king it never would have carried the King of Kings, and if the pine had remained where it stood on the mountain side it would have been forgotten but instead, it is remembered as a sign of His great love for us.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. - Isaiah 55:8
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