Pearl Harbor Burger

The Pearl Harbor Burger is packed with some amazing rich flavors like roasted seaweed, pineapple, starfruit, pearl onions, nitrate free bacon, sharp cheddar and sweet chili sauce. Grab a napkin and dig into this delicious burger. 

Pearl Onions
Pineapple Slices
Star Fruit
White Sharp Cheddar 
Burger Patty
Himalayan Pink Salt
Nutritional Yeast
Pineapple Juice
Sweet Chili Sauce
Hamburger Buns

Rehydrate seaweed sheets in pineapple juice. Fry bacon until crispy, and set aside. Slice onions and pineapple and heat in sweet chili sauce. Cook burger patties, splash pineapple juice into the pan, sprinkle with Himalayan Pink salt, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Melt a slice of cheese over meat patty, lay a sheet of seaweed on top.

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Spread mayonnaise on a burger bun, the meat on one side of the bread, spoon sauce with onions and pineapple. Slide a pearl onion, half a ring of pineapple and a slice of star fruit onto a toothpick, slide in the the second toothpick into the pearl onion. Slice the top of the hamburger bun and insert a sheet of sea weed. Stick the toothpick into the bun and serve.

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