When God Gives Us A New Dream | April


In early 2011 I started suffering from panic attacks.  As a follower of Jesus, I knew that worry and fear was not His will for my life.  I started to fight back by the power of the truth.  Once I was healed from anxiety and depression I started to teach women how to get empowered through scripture and how to fight back.  

In June of 2012, I felt called to start a ministry that would help women overcome anxiety, fear, panic attacks and depression by knowing the Truth of God’s word.  The ministry was called Healed Whole New and it caught attention very quickly.  I saw that so many Christian women were suffering from mental battles.

I could see God in the details and women from all over the world were connecting to the ministry.  I felt like my dreams were finally coming true and I would soon be able to quit my corporate day job in Human Resources.
On April 2015, I was preparing to go into my day job and I felt so excited in my spirit.  I prayed that God would make a miracle happen that day.  I was really worn out by the corporate gig but knew that God could show up big that day.  Oh, He did!  That evening my company and I separated ways.

I was so relieved because I knew that God was releasing me into ministry full time.  I was out of work for about 3 weeks and trying to take the ministry to the next level. I was making up my bed one morning when I heard The Lord speak to my spirit and say, “Would you release the ministry to me?”  I didn’t understand (at all) but I knew I needed to release.  I cried.  But through the tears, I bowed down, held my hands up, and said, “Here, Lord.  It’s yours.  If you have more, I don’t want less.”

I grieved handing over the ministry for 3 days.   Shortly after the Lord gave me a vision to start an organization that would help women get back on track to living life with passion and on purpose.  Women in my life started volunteering to be a part of the project and we launched Point Her Journey in March of 2016!  

Point Her Journey allows me to minister to so much more than just anxiety and depression.  I’m able to work with women in all areas of life and instead of limiting the focus.  I love to encourage and help women.  Point Her Journey is so much more fulfilling than Healed Whole New ever was but I would never know this if I didn’t surrender.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know Who holds my future … and it’s gonna be good!

I'm April. I'm a recovering people pleaser and recovering "going-through-the-motions-Christian". I'm navigating through how to be a Christ Follower aside from the Christian "hipster" subculture.

I'm learning how to surrender to God in order to be brave enough to live an authentic life. I'm learning to breathe, to stop striving and just be present. Most importantly, I'm learning to look to Christ alone.

I want to help women fly high by encouraging you to keep fighting the good fight, to change your perspective, to stop being a victim, to set appropriate boundaries, and to live life on purpose.

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