Don't Postpone Joy

Don't postpone joy!

For many of us, we don't have time to do fun things. We have work or school, or kids, or a thousand other things that have to be done- we'll do that craft, or read that book, or call your friends and invite them over for tea or a BBQ, or take that walk tomorrow. Well, I hate to say it dear, but tomorrow may never come.

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Take a break, breathe, stop in that mad dash of life- in the end you won't remember all those hours you put in on "work", but you will remember that time you went to the beach, or made cookies with the kids, walked in the leaves...

Breathe- life will still be there. But you will never have today again.  Make time each day for something that gives you joy. Maybe it's just a cup of coffee or a good book, Make time for it- even if it is just a few moments.

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