What does His voice sound like?

Morning dawns and the mist lingers in the garden. A cool breeze stirs the leaves and dances through the misty stillness, the first rays of sunshine play in the dew drops like millions of tiny mirrors reflecting the beauty of the garden. There is no noise except the rustling of the wind through the trees. Only the beating of my heart and the sound of pages turning in my book break the tranquil hush of the morning.

I breathe in the cool morning air and let the breeze dance through the strands of my hair as I contemplate words on a page,

"Then the man and wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day,"

Something holds me here, breathless on this quiet morning. The words almost flashes neon off the page, All other words fade from view as this one climbs from the page. 'Sound'. Sound of the Lord...

What sound does the Lord make as He walks through that perfect place?

What sound would He make? Strong's concordance says the word is Qowl and it means voice, a sound, noise, thunder.

I sit and ponder this noise- this voice. Is it soft and gentle?  Is it mighty and low like the rumbling of thunder from a distant storm. Does it shake the dew from the flowers petals; or is it like a morning breeze whispering through the trees?

Where is my heart today? Am I in a place where I rush to that voice like I do when my earthly father enters the door in the evening after work or do I run and hide at the sound of his arrival

Create in me a clean heart O Lord.
Perhaps it was a day like today... a morning like this quiet and pregnant with expectation. Even the birds seem to be holding there breath waiting, There it is, the sun peeks over the horizon in brilliant array, There in the distance you hear Him, He is coming to share this beautiful moment with you, in the cool of the day, Can you hear his voice calling you? He knows us by name.

Are you ready to answer His call? Like a bride when she hears her true love calling.

Father forgive me for anything that is hindering me from being excited at hearing your foot steps. Forgive me for those things that might make me ashamed as I hear you calling me by name. Restore me Lord with a clean heart. That I might enjoy knowing that you will come for me in the cool of the day.


  1. Beautiful imagery! I am always ready to hear his call!

  2. Such a great thought that God hears us! I am so glad that He does! Stopping by from Reflect. I'd love for you to come by and link up. Http://janncobb.com

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  5. So beautifully written! I always love that bit of Scripture where the voice of God is a whisper instead of a mighty storm.

  6. "Where is my heart today? Am I in a place where I rush to that voice like I do when my earthly father enters the door in the evening after work or do I run and hide at the sound of his arrival"

    I love this. I often forget that my heavenly father wants to be just that--a father. Thank you for the encouragement to open my heart to running towards the father.

    1. Awe, thank you. We are so glad that it touched your heart.

  7. What a beautiful picture of God's call. Thanks.

  8. good morning friends! used this as part of my devotions today...beautiful! i always think of that verse in elijah on the mountain, as the Lord passes by...a whisper. wouldn't it be awesome to really hear His voice audibly? blessings to you all, and have a great day today!

    1. It sure would Debi! Thank you so much for including us in your devotions. God bless my friend


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