Lessons From The Farm | Poison Ivy

(*This is actually Virginia Creeper not poison ivy*)

Poison ivy. O how I hate you. Anyone who has gotten into this dreadful plant knows just how annoying it can be- and itchy.

Every spring we are out with poison ivy (and every other plant with poison in front of its  name.) trying to rid the yard of it. But one year I missed a patch of it and not paying attention rubbed my arm against it.

I didn't know it until the itching started, and then it was all I could think of, (and no people telling me not to scratch it didn't help).

Have you ever felt that feeling, when God really wants you to do something? Like when He wants you to pray for someone, but you really don't want to, you are way too busy or distracted. Or when you are supposed to give money or time to help a certain person or ministry. It reminds me of  poison ivy. He keeps prompting. The rash keeps itching- until you do something about it.

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  1. Haha !!! So true !!! I live in the country and we have it everywhere !!! So needless to say if we keep itching on a subject we must do something about it. Love it laci @ sequins in the south

  2. Interesting! I never would have thought to compare poising ivy with God's will however I like it! I do NOT like poison ivy! When I was a kid I would get it from just standing near one of those things, didn't even have to touch it! God is wonderful and sometimes I am too tired then I meditate and realize that when I am more focused on his will my life is WAY better! I have not been spending time with him for a few months now and I have been so angry and yet I have fallen into a routine and I need to break away from it! Thanks for the post! I appreciate it!

    1. Yikes! That would be horrible! I will keep you in my prayers my friend. You are very welcome. ((Hugs))

  3. Eeeeek so itchy!!
    You tied the post together perfectly :)

  4. Thankfully, I've avoided poison ivy/oak/whatever thus far in my life.

  5. Very interesting analogy Brianna, and we need to pay attention to the signs don't we:-)

  6. What an unexpected, though apt, analogy! I know the pain of a poison ivy rash myself!


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