Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Living in southern California, Cinco de Mayo was just part of our lives.  There is a rich heritage there that can be seen in the buildings and felt in the missions and other historical places.  So, when it comes to the 5th of May we would pull out our favorite Mexican recipes and make a feast.  I had forgotten how good the Mexican food was in California but it was an eye opener when we were able to go home last January and taste the delicious food.  

Grandma loved to make this seven layer bean dip any time company came over.  Mrs. Cottage said it was a regular part of the menu for slumber parties.  It is simple to make and it is so tasty!  Just a simple trip to your grocery store will have you enjoying this dish right away.  Click here for the recipe.   

Another dish with a spicy touch is our Ranchero Bread.  This bread is made with several kinds of peppers and pepper jack cheese to really give it a kick.  You can make this in a loaf pan, or make it in smaller buns and use them for an amazing hamburger that will bring tears to your eyes.  These hamburgers we would make for the R-Lit Ranch and they loved them!  For the recipe click here

Next we have a long time favorite of cheese enchiladas.  These are super easy, only a few ingredients and they are so good!  They are wonderful topped with sour cream and guacamole or eaten as is.  You just have to try them.  Recipe is here

The next is a spicy dish that you can have as a side dish or a stand-alone meal with some hot cornbread.  These are spicy pinto beans that are just out of this world.  You just have to try them. If you don't like spicy food just omit peppers or use ones that are not hot.  Recipe is here.

The next dish we call Senorita's Purse.  This can be made with ground beef seasoned like taco meat and cheese with beans or made with chicken and cheese.  This is a fun little pocket delight.  We got the idea for these from the Khachapuri that is actually made in Georgia (the country not the state), but we gave them a little South-Western US flair and loved them so we decided to include them here. The originals would be filled with melted goat cheese but ours... full of all kinds of these.  Your imagination is the limit but do yourself a favor and try these!  Recipe is here

Here is a recipe with a US flair because we made it on the 4th of July and it was so good we just included it.  Taco salad is a tasty dish that is great on busy work days when the last thing you want to do is cook.  You can use premade seasoned ground beef and it is a quick and delicious meal.  The recipe is here.

Taquitos are super easy and great the day after you made roast and want to use the leftovers for something different.  Beef can be quickly shredded and tortillas cooked and you have this impressive meal in no time.  Can be served with Mama's Loco Beans and Rice or just as a stand-alone dish.  So tasty!  You won't be sorry.

Recipe here.

Flour tortillas are pretty easy to make with this recipe and you don't need to worry about all of the chemicals and bad fats in them like you do the store bought variety.  Give them a try.  They are good! Recipe here.

Wet burritos are a tasty way to kick up the flavor on a plain burrito.  Great way to use leftover ground beef and refried beans to make a meal something really special.  Recipe here.


  1. Thank you for the recipes. Just in my margaritas chilling.....

  2. Those taquitos look awesome! :D!

  3. I've never observed Cinco de Mayo, but all of this delicious-looking food might change that for me tomorrow...So much to choose from!

  4. I love me some Mexican food!! What a great roundup of recipes! My favorite is that 7 layer dip, I could eat that daily and it is such a great appetizer to bring to a party!

    1. So do we! Thank you! That is one of my favorites as well. LOL! Yes it is.


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