Cottage Charm Part 6 - Play Time Manners

~Play Time~

Manners please.  She would tell us that as a gentle reminder that we were not acting our best and it was just enough to nudge our conscience and do what we knew that we needed to do.  Manners are very important in play as they are at a museum, in church our favorite restaurant or grandma's house. We must then instruct our little ones on how to behave so that they never feel lost in a circumstance and don't know how to act. It is not a stuffy and antiquated notion, but something we do because we love our children and want them to feel comfortable in many situations.

For instance, we should not be selfish but share what we bring to playtime with others if we bring snacks bring enough to share with our friends. 

Do not insist on going first. We need to wait and take turns. We should never cut in line. Do not hit, push, scratch or throw things at others. This may seem obvious but I see it happen time and time again when I volunteer at church with the children.  

If you see a girl alone with no friends, include her in your play time. It will bless both of you because you will have a new friend and she will be blessed by the love that you show her. 

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