Gardening Fun

Gardening is something we always look forward to in the spring here at the Cottage. Here is some of the layouts and designs that we have done here at the cottage. 

-Circular Garden-

This garden we did a few years ago but have since torn out. We used bender board and light and dark mulch to divide it into separate sections. With different colored flowers in each section.

-Recycled Water Fountain Garden- 

This water fountain broke a few years back so we have been trying to figure out what to with it. Mrs. Cottage suggested turning it into a planter. 

-Rock Fence Garden-

I love this garden layout. We just piled rocks onto each other to make a border around our bulb garden. 

-Simple Flower Bed-

This is another simple layout. We just made a simple single layer of rocks form a border. We bought a couple sets of outdoor lights and attached them to ropes and strung the ropes from tree to tree.

-Raised Beds-

These are out raised beds we use for our veggies. We added Cattle Panels in between the boxes for climbing vegetables. Check out our directions on how to build these boxes.

-Curved Flower Bed-

Another flower bed with a single layer of rocks as a barrier.

-The Gazebo Garden-




  1. I love all your gardens and I'm inspired now! It's freezing cold here in NJ and I can't wait for Spring to get here so I can get digging. I love what you did in your veggie garden for the climbers!

  2. Oh I'm so glad! Yes it's cold here in TN too. We had an ice storm Monday. We can't wait for spring either. Aww thank you! We actually got the idea from Deep Roots At Home.

    The Rosevine Girls


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