I Arise From Dreams of Thee

I was writing late into the night a book I have been working on and I just hit a dead end. 

I hopped into bed trying not to wake my sister and slipped under the covers so tired that I could not keep my eyes open.  Sleep slipped in sweet and deep and there you were creeping into my dreams so tenderly. 

No, I do not speak of love but of doves. 

They crept into my sleep and with them came my story, no longer at a dead end but flowing freely. I could not wait to open my eyes to begin writing but yet I was savoring every minute of the dream.  How fitting that the symbol of the Holy Spirit would help me to honor God with my words and my heart.

When I awoke in the morning and left the house to do my chores, there were two of you in my chicken aviary.  You just let me come and pick you up, you were not even frightened of me.  In a few days, there were three of you, then four.  Within a week or two there were 12, then more, all of you so sweet and gentle.  I was amazed and honored by you choosing me and my sister to befriend.  Thank you, Lord, for letting me receive such a sweet and humble blessing. Here you are in my sister's hands, so trusting and beautiful.  Thank you for such an experience, Lord.


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