Romantic Decorations

What you will need:

Letters (I used 10 photocopies of old letters from my great grandfather to my great grandmother when he was in the hospital after WWI war but you can use however many you want). You could even use some french script wrapping paper as a background if you could find it.

A large sheet of paper 

A frame (This one is old)

A small heart or small pair of wings

Check the sheet of paper to the frame to get an idea of how it will fit. Now lay the paper in front of you and lay out the letters the way you like them. Now glue them  in place and allow to dry for at least 20 minutes. My frame didn't have the glass or a back so I taped mine to the back of the frame. Now if you use a heart you are going to want to use something stronger then tape (Trust me I learned this one the hard way). If you use wings you can just tie them on. And you are done!


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