How To Make Yogurt In A Crock-pot

More and more we hear about the dangers of our foods and how horrible they are for our bodies.  Take yogurt, for example, you think, "Ok I am eating yogurt and this has to be good for me, right?"  Well, maybe not.  Between the junk they feed the animals, hormones antibiotics and the terrible sweeteners they fill the finished product with, well it is not so healthy.  

Some brands do not even have active cultures (the good bacteria that helps your gut) and others have high fructose corn syrup (or some hide this and just say corn syrup) laced inside.  Terrible for your body.  

Organic yogurt can cost up to ten dollars a container (ouch!) Have you every wanted to make it yourself but thought it would be too hard?  Well not so!!!  And guess what my friends, we (ahem... grabbing sister and smiling) are going to show you how to do it.  Now the hardest part is TIME because you have to wait for the culture to do the job of making your yogurt.  

We have found doing it at night helps with the wait (get it, you are sleeping... you don't notice the wait).  Then in the morning in your warm comfy jammies, you run to your kitchen (ok, maybe stumble groggily) and find magic in your crock. 

~ Crock Pot Yogurt ~

 For this recipe you will need:

A half of a gallon of whole organic milk (not ultra-pasteurized) or raw cow, goat or other milk
1/2 cup of plain organic whole fat yogurt with live active cultures (check the ingredients because  not all do)

Optional: 3/4 cup of powdered milk (To make your yogurt thicker, especially if you are using other than whole cow milk.) 

Freeze dried yogurt culture or Cultures For Health has cultures you can purchase and can buy powdered yogurt culture at Whole Foods Market called gourmet 

Thick fleece blanket or other heavy blanket or several towels. 

A wooden or plastic spoon. (Metal spoons mess up the yogurt.  You should never use them even to eat it.  It won't set up right we have found.)

First, we turn on our crock pot to low and let sit and heat up.  We do this while making dinner so it can be warming while we are busy with other things.  Then pour your milk into a pan and let it heat to 175 degrees F.  then pour the warmed milk into the crock pot.   

Do not overheat the milk or it will scald and taste funny (which is not funny, I have done this).

(We have also heard that you can put your milk in the crock-pot and cook the milk on low, cover and let cook for 2 1/2 hours.) Turn the crock-pot off and add the 1/2 cup of yogurt starter wait for 2 for hrs. Then let set for 8 hrs. This is great and will work, but let's face it. We love this stuff and want to eat it not play around. We want to get it done and enjoy it so we like to get this part done so we use our stove. You do what is right for you and your family.

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At this point turn off the crock pot and stir in your yogurt starter.  Then cover well with towels and warm cloths, towels, etc.  and set aside.  Leave it alone for 8 hours covered with the lid and covers.  We do this at night and by morning we have breakfast!  We usually just lift it out of the crock and put it covered in the fridge.  This makes a great and inexpensive recipe that is better by far than store bought. 

"Go. Make It Now!" This is my sister pulling my arm and telling me to make yogurt not me being bossy telling you to make yogurt, although I think you would be very happy if you did.

If you want it a bit thicker like a Greek yogurt you can pour it into coffee filters, a clean new pillowslip or some cheesecloth and hang it or put it in your strainer in the cheesecloth.  The whey will come draining off of your yogurt.  But DON'T THROW IT AWAY SILLY! Keep it (you can even freeze it in ice cube tray) and it can be used to add protein to smoothies (Yep, this is the over priced powder you get at the health food store or at your local smoothie shop.), used in soups, etc. If you allow the yogurt to drain longer it will become a "yogurt cheese" which is much like cream cheese.

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It is best not to sweeten or flavor until you eat it we have found.  Just take your serving and sweeten with honeymaple syrup or stevia.  We like the liquid stevia that is flavored with vanilla and other flavorings.  We top with flax and frozen or fresh berries, chopped nuts, granola (Ooh we have a recipe for you!) or what ever you desire.  

This is really great yogurt and it is making me hungry just thinking of it and my sister is already getting the stuff to make more granola. I guess I lost her for the rest of this post... (CRASH- muffled voice "I'm alright!")

Trust me, you won't believe how good it is and how easy it is to make. Try it, and let us know what you think, we sure love to hear from you!
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  1. I had heard of making yogurt in a crock pot and always wondered whether it wouldn't be too warm and kill the culture, but now I know: Turn it off and cover it to preserve the heat. That sounds super easy. I use a thermos for mine, which works mighty fine too. I'm curious about the metal spoon issue you mentioned. Can you point me to the research on that? I'd love to understand what's happening. I presume the metal acts on the live cultures somehow?


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