A Bravery Feather

When my girls were really small I would take feathers out of the feather pillow or feather bed and put it in their hair and tell them they were bravery feathers, you know, like Dumbo had. They would giggle and tell me they tickled and flounce around the house with them in their hair or tucked in their braids. Have you ever felt like you just needed a bravery feather to do some task that seems insurmountable? I know I do. This blog was one of them. 

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 We were walking through such hard times and we felt like that for over a year as we thought about starting a blog and sharing our lives, but it just seemed so scary and to be honest I just felt so insignificant and rather boring. 

 One day someone came to me and told me that what I feared is that I didn't have anything worth sharing. Wow, was that ever true? Because this is just life for us, this is just what we do... but recently I realized that this is not what everyone does. 

 This is not their life and that maybe our life, instead of being boring or not important might be a blessing to someone else just like others lives are to us. So I hope you are blessed by these posts and I hope we can learn from one another on this journey. Oh, and if you need a bravery feather, let me know... I will raid the feather pillow for you, we have plenty to spare.


  1. Great post, thank you for sharing your heart. I think what you have to say is important and a blessing.

  2. I love everything about you ladies. I have had my share of cloudy rainy days over the past 5 years, and you ladies are the rainbows in those storms. Keep doing what you do, saying what you say and just being you.❤❤❤... Erin

    1. Thank you so much Erin! You are such a blessing!


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