Toy Warzone - Martha's Sacrifice

The house is a war zone again,

Every day is one step forward and ten steps back. An inch forward and a mile back. Dishes piled high in the sink like mini skyscrapers, Cheerios scattered under the table like little minefields, Hot Wheels, and dolls interspersed with Lego's forming an obstacle course on the carpet that you swore you just vacuumed.

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So much to do...

Like wheels spinning through mud, you wade through the same chores over and over. Cringing at the sound of spilled toy logs and squeals as small feet race through the back door the pup on their heels leaving a trail of mud in their wake. A sigh escapes your lips at the cupcake slips from your little girl's hands and lands on the freshly mopped floor. Laundry explodes in all directions as the boys catapult into it screaming with delight.

Exhaustion... Defeat.

Tears run down your face as you hide in the pantry for just a moment, hiding from the chores glaring their accusations at you.

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How often do we sacrifice the God moments in our homes to be Martha? Constantly working, busy, doing. Instead of sitting at Jesus's feet like Mary. We get caught up in ensuring our lives, our little piece of the world looks beautiful instead of enjoying the beauty of the mess around us. The smile as you dip your fingers in the icing on your little girls face, the shared giggles. The joy on your son's face as he and the pup play in the mud, his arm slung across her shoulders, and whispers in her ear 'my girl, Spot'. The adventure of a lifetime across the deserts of Africa, the jungles of South America and straight into the folded laundry pile.

The tiny hands pulling at you in a thousand different directions begging you to watch them as they attempt to leap tall buildings in a single bound to save the world and join them for a tea party.

Sometimes the world needs a Martha, someone to tackle the laundry, clean the house wash the dishes and scrub the places they missed- but sometimes the world needs a Mary someone who can sit and listen. Martha can never teach your children to follow Christ through good times and bad only Mary who sits at Christ's feet and listens to his voice can teach them.


  1. A wonderful blog.

    I was this way with my first child but by the time we had our second and third we lived on a farm, I didn't work outside the home and I did take the time to enjoy them. Time does pass so quickly. The messes are a bit overwhelming at times and I do get into them still as a grandma now but you do need to sit and listen and enjoy the precious moments.

    Love the way you shared examples to go with a valuable biblical lesson.

    Hugs, Debbie.

    1. Awe, thank you again Debbie! Yes, that is so true. They are only little once. Thank you for your encouragement!


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