Free Sovereign favor to the undeserving.
That is me today.
The least of His.

With all of my good intentions as I throw my feet over the edge of my mattress, little hands that are pulling the covers off of my legs and the baby softly stirring in the bassinette beside me. My prayer is short today. Help me, Lord.  It is a prayer, not much of one but it comes from a weary body.  I had every intention as I went to bed to get up early.  To have a hot cup of tea and pull out my bible and read before little feet pitter patter to my room.  Little faces that need mommy to see them… to really see them.  Little voices chant the song “mommy… mommy” and my numb brain just wants to know how it can possibly be morning already.  Already?
I’m sorry Lord.  So sorry I didn’t keep my promise, again.

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For now, I am thankful that grace is not a reward for good behavior.  It is a gift for the undeserving. 


Read Romans 5:8 today
How glad we should be that God does not expect us to clean up our act before he will love us. That while we were still messing up, still breaking our promises, still living life our own way and on our own terms, He sacrificed himself for us.

Thank you, Lord!

How does the Romans verse make you reflect on your own life? What does that verse mean to you today?


  1. Gratitude...a vast unmeasurable amount of Gratitude to the Lord, and that leads me to Worship, and Prayer.
    When I wish to truly reflect on a verse, I go to an online site and read that verse from many different versions of the Bible...there is always one or more that speak directly to my heart in a way that the others do not.
    I'm also very grateful for the internet...and Rosevine Cottage Girls.

    1. Great big ***Hugs*** to you Jo-Ann! Thank you so much for your precious words of encouragement. Amen! I love online bible translations. They are the best for really digging into the Word!


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