DIY Spring Wreath

I don't know about you but I love spring! I also love when I can repurpose things into my DIY projects, which is why I love this wreath I made for the little cottage out back so much! 

What you will need: 

Old Garden Hose 
Garden Glove         
News paper 

Wind the hose into a circle and wrap floral wire around the the section where both ends are and knot it. Snip Wire.

Wire the stems of the fake flowers together. Knot and snip wire. 

Wire flowers onto hose wreath, make sure it is secure and snip wire. 

Stuff a glove with news paper (For some reason garden gloves are like socks in this house they always go missing so we have lots of single gloves and luckily for me Mr. Cottage brought a lot of news paper home in his luggage).

Wire glove over the stems of the flowers, pull tight enough to hold it firmly but not so tight it looks funny.

Super easy, and so cute! This is a great way to reuse things that would normally just end up in the trash.

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