Sequins At Sonic

So I have this habit, I like to overdress. Yes, I admit it- a friend likes to say I overdress for every occasion. Think sequins and pearls at a fast food joint (hence the fact one of my foster brothers called me Shiny). Anyway, it's just one of those things that make me, me. Like almost always carrying a camera and loving to go barefoot but owning a bunch of high-heels. What can I say? I'm a complicated girl. These things make us stand out from the crowd like flowers in a garden.

Several years ago someone told my Mrs. Cottage she posted too much "religious" stuff on social media. Does that phrase bug anyone else? Even now I can't help but chuckle. Is it rude to thank someone for attempting to insult you?

I want my faith in the creator of the universe -my savior- so obvious it's like sequins at Sonic. I want it baked in, visible, so natural that when people tell me to stop being "so religious" it's like them asking me to stop breathing. I want when people look at me to see Him. I want them to see Him through the cracked and broken places in my life, I want them to see Him when things are going south. I want them to see Him when I'm successful. Because in the end, that's all that matters. That they saw Him.

This is my prayer for you sisters, that as you work through your day, pass people on the street talk to the person behind the register, a coworker in the break room they see HIM.

So shine on sis, be a light in the darkness.

The creator of the everything looked at you and said this blue and green sphere needed one of you too. You are His greatest creation- let them see the artist behind the creation. Live for Him. Show Him off to the world.

May He be so obvious in your life that it's like as my missionary friend would put it seeing a panda running down the street in Nashville. Let it be so tangible that people sit up and take notice. Let it be so visible that you don't even have to open your mouth when people look at you, they say I want what she has. Heaven knows this world could use some light.


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