How To Make Vanilla At Home

How To Make Vanilla At Home With The Rosevine Cottage Girls

We've wanted to make this for a really long time, in fact, the beans have been sitting in the pantry since 2012... Whoops! Anyway, we finally got around to doing it! This is so easy, and fun- yes that is a bottle of vodka in the next picture, yes Ms. Ruby the little southern lady next store would be horrified.

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What you will need:

8 Vanilla Beans
80-100 proof Vodka 
Jar with tight sealing lid (we used a quart mason jar)

Slice beans down the center leaving about an inch of room on either end, cut in half and insert into the jar. Fill the jar with vodka leaving an inch of two from the top. 

Screw on the lid and sit someplace dark for a minimum of 4 weeks (the longer you wait the better it will be). Shake a couple times a week. Yep, it's that easy and so much cheaper than buying it, especially when you use it as much as we do. 

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