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Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Guy In Germany

Well it is Monday morning and we are headed to Franklin KY to meet the group that is flying to
Germany ( Even though I live 25 minutes from the airport, I have to travel 50 minutes to meet the group and then drive about an hour to the airport. Who knows the answers to questions like this). There are 20 of us in all. We were separated into groups and then sent onto different flights. Mrs. Cottage thinks that it is so if one plane goes down, the other one makes it and they don't lose us all. Possible but not all that comforting.

My group is headed towards New York, JFK. But of course, there always has to be an issue when you travel, right? One of the group, not me luckily, had lotion with glycerin in it and of course it sets off the alarms. He got frisked twice and his carry-on got completely emptied and checked.  Note: Check your ingredient list on your lotion before going to the airport. Soft hands are not worth the embarrassment.

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Getting Ready To Leave For Germany

So, the first leg went well except for the young kids behind me screaming the whole time and doing loops outside of JFK for 45 minutes.

traveling to germany

Oh. and also not having any leg room... and I am a short person.

Well, we land (and no Cheyenne didn't get a picture of the Statue of Liberty). Then we waited for almost 3 hours for the flight over the big pond. Can we say we are having fun now...

landing at JFK airport
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During the wait, They moved our terminal from 37 to 33 go figure. 

We started loading- now I have a question why don't they load planes from back to front instead of front to back? I know they pay more but still, it would prevent me hitting everyone with my duffle bag and computer case on the way back to my seat. Do they realize just how many times you have to apologize on one trip to your seat? Don't get me started on having to squeeze up the row again to use the bathroom.

The people up front are probably groaning every time they see me coming. It's like a game of whack-a-mole. Oooops! there goes someone's head- "Sorry," Yes, I said I am sorry but am I really? Ok, I am.


With the plane finally loaded (The only thing that moves slower than an airport line is a post office line at Christmas time.), and then we find out that we have to wait for some luggage, and because that's kind of necessary we waited, and waited, and waited some more.  An hour later we finally take off. I finally doze off- only to be rudely awoken by a food cart running my foot over. So, I left it in the aisle and you'd think they could see it, maybe kick it out of the way but no, roadkill it is. They served us ravioli -at least I think it was ravioli- salad and a brownie. And if your wondering I did save the brownie for last... I do have some manners.

The little TV had issues so I tried to sleep to get some sleep but my neck kept cramping and waking me up. And then it was Tuesday and we were still flying, unannounced to me Cheyenne was tracking my flight and keeping Facebook entertained with "Well the flight hasn't turned into a cruise yet..." Thanks for that Cheyenne.

We got to Frankfurt but of course, we had to do laps again to wait our turn for 25-30 minutes. Go figure, after a 7-hour flight just let me out! We disembark the plane and get on a shuttle bus that takes us to our gate and then a walk what seemed like a mile (Well at least for a short and out of shape man, who has been sitting for since 11 AM yesterday morning).

Luckily there were no issues with customs or meeting our bus to the hotel... and again we rode for about an hour and of course I cannot get comfortable to nap, just my luck. I can hear you girls laughing stateside- apparently, I can't sleep everywhere like you thought. 

We get here they give us our rooms and then we had about 30 minutes to go to our rooms (mine is the Rapunzel-themed one) and put our stuff in them before a special lunch with our mentors from the plant is ready. They took pictures afterward and then walked to the plant to get our lockers and uniforms. When were done they walked back to the hotel, I guess they thought we'd get lost. There you have it my first day in Germany, of course, that day lasted 36 hours and spanned two continents but hey not too bad. Now for some shuteye- hopefully...

Signing Off,

Mr. Cottage
End Of Log.

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