Spaghetti Squash

For those of you who have never heard of this unsuspecting veggie, I will introduce you.  
Friend this is Spaghetti Squash. This is a really easy squash to cook and it makes for a tasty meal. You can serve it plain with a bit of butter, salt and pepper or add it with your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe.

First, wash the outside and cut in half from the flower end to the stem end and just like a pumpkin scrape out the seeds.

Next get a stock pot and put some water in the bottom of it. We don't need much because we are steaming this baby. Place the squash on end and lean against the side of your pan and place the lid on it firmly.  Now turn on and let it steam.  

Once in awhile I open it up and take a steak knife and attempt to stab it.  When it is done, the knife will glide in easily.  

At this point, I take a fork and remove them to a large bowl and pull the water off of the heat (I usually add this to my soups.).  

Take a second fork and use it to hold the squash still by stabbing into the flesh of the squash.  Then with the second fork put it into the squash just past the skin at the edge and drag down toward the empty center of it where the seeds used to be.  Rotate and do this all the way around the squash until it is all like spaghetti.  Scrape it into a bowl and put the skin into your compost.  Season with some organic grass fed butter, salt, and pepper.  It is great just like this!  Or you can top with your favorite spaghetti sauce, etc.  

Let us know what your favorite way to serve spaghetti squash and what you think of it if you decide to try it!  



  1. I LOVE spaghetti squash just like you said, with butter, salt and pepper. I've never steamed it though, I'll be sure to give this method a try!

  2. Spaghetti squash is my favorite by far!! I would much rather have spaghetti sauce (or any) over it instead of noodles any day!

  3. Yumm-o!! This sounds fabulous! I've always baked it, so, I will definitely try steaming it! Thanks for posting this great recipe! 🌻😊

  4. Spaghetti squash lasagna is my favorite. I also have never tried boiling it. I'm sure it retains more nutritional value that way. I'll have to try that next time!

  5. I like spaghetti squash because it's so versatile. I've never cooked it the way you described. I usually bake it in the oven. I'll have to try your method. I never know what I'll learn from the blog hop!


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