An Autumn Hike

I love this time of year! The colorful leaves, cool air, gorgeous days- heaven! We took Faith on her first hike in Bledsoe Creek State Park, she loved it.

We chose a beautiful trail by the lake, we didn't realize it also had a very long, very steep stair case. Also I forgot to mention that Brianna and I had a cold. Probably not the best idea but we couldn't resist.

I love how the light dances through the trees.

It was the perfect day for a hike! Look at this view!

Faith eager to continue our hike, she met lots of other dogs while we were here. It seems a lot of people had our idea. She did amazing, and we can't wait to take her hiking again.

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I love this shot of Mr. Cottage and Faith, it's a miracle I got them both looking at me.

We ran into these fellows near the end of our hike, they just stood there and looked at us. It was amazing!

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