Why My Kids Skipped Children's Church

Oh! Mommy! We guess what? We taught the class today!

This is what welcomed me the last time my girls went to children’s church. The teacher admitted they did indeed teach the class and helped her with the facts of their story that she herself didn’t know. I don’t fault her, maybe she was a new believer, but from then on the girls stayed with us.

Thankfully that our pastor was smart and engaging, the girls sat and learned under him as we did and learned more at home under their father and I the rest of the week. Before the twins could write, I bought colored pencils and drawing pads and had them listen to the sermon and draw out the message. Then at the end of the service, I asked what they learned and had them show me their pictures and explain it. I was struck by how much kids really get the deeper things and how their little hearts interpreted the powerful message.

We underestimate our children so much. We let shows talk down to them, people talk down to them , give them a dumbed down watery message that is spoon fed to them and then rush off to coloring pages and a snack.

Since this time I have to admit that the girls have gone to youth group with a friend or children’s activities with a cousin but it is mostly the same. I am proud of the “baby Christians” that have such gusto that they are the ones that volunteer for Children’s Church, and vacation bible study.

They offer to wipe little bottoms and runny noses but where are those of us that are not babies in the faith? We need to stand up and do our part to help those that may not know as much. We need to volunteer more and wipe a few noses while teaching the gospel to the little ones.

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