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Boiled Egg Chicks


 Free Range Eggs Hard Boiled
Ripe Olives
Carrot Cut Into Triangles
Himalayan Pink Salt
Dry Mustard Powder


Boil 5 eggs for ten minutes and pour out boiling water and replace with cold until eggs are no longer hot.
Peel eggs and slice off a little slice of the bottom so your chick can stand.
Then cut the cap off the top.
Scoop out the yolk and put into a bowl.  Smash with a fork and add about 2 Tbsp of Mayonaise and a dash of dry mustard and Himalayan pink salt.
Take the yolk and spoon it into a quart zipper bag.  Trim off a bit of the corner of the bag and pipe into the whites.  Smooth with a finger if necessary.  Take a ripe olive and dice it.  Place two diced pieces as the eyes of your chick and one triangle for your chick's beak.

Makes 5 Chicks

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