Beginnings Of The Cottage

 We moved here after a week long road trip from California- a trip that involved multiple tornado storms in front an in back of us and a stressful drive up Route 66. But that is a story for another time. In the end we made it and after several months of living with a pastor friend we moved in right before Christmas. This is what it looked like... Three trees and a whole lot of room.

Helping mom water the tiny shrubs.

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This is after we added some fencing to keep us out of the ponds and grandma added a rose garden.  She sure loved her roses.

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Slowly but surely we started making the house our Cottage...

Grandma planted a rose garden, we put in flower beds and arbors, planted a few snowballs bushes, we planted trees that was our Father's day tradition for many years. Later we put in two fish ponds- Grandma Cottage's pride and joy, and also her worst enemy. We put in a patio. Hung bird-feeders and bird houses.

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Grandma Cottage's newly constructed rose garden. This is how we got our name. It all started in this tilled up patch of dirt. Little did we know that Rosevine Cottage Girls would sprout from this ground.

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Our massive garden... 

Us with our grandma and the bounty of our organic garden plot.  We grew up with this green thumbed lady to our delight!

Recently we started using raised beds because that huge garden was just too much for us girls... Mr. Cottage was doing a lot of traveling, and we just couldn't keep it under control. These boxes are great!

I remember planting these trees... they were about 4-5 feet when we planted them.

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Later we moved the roses to another spot because they just didn't like the soil where they were anymore.

She's changed a lot, this Cottage of ours. Things are added a few things removed. Those trees we planted every Father's Day tower above our heads. Some things never change- the ponds are green more often than not, the flower beds constantly need weeding, the orchard needs tending, the garden needs water. Some days we feel like crying- others we end the day with a glass of lemonade laying on a floaty in the pool watching the stars come out over the spot where the roses were originally and listening to the tree frogs and crickets. Do we miss California? All the time. It will forever hold a piece of our hearts... but this place holds a chunk. The Cottage has a mind of its own, it doesn't always follow our "plans" but it is an amazing journey...


  1. Wow! It's so cool that you have these pictures from the beginning of the cottage!!!!

    1. Hi Susannah! Thanks. It is amazing how things changed!


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