Wynnewood is just one of the many amazing places to visit in Tennessee. Located in Castilian Springs Tennessee. Wynnewood is mostly likely the largest 19th-century log structures constructed in
 the area during 1828. 

It was built by A. R. Wynne, William Cage, and Stephen Roberts as a stagecoach inn, but was later turned into mineral springs. The mineral springs at Wynnewood are part of a sulfur lick found in 1772 by Isaac Bledsoe a Virginia long hunter.

It is a beautiful place to stop with your family to check out the local history, and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery of Tennessee. Also a great stop for homeschoolers!

This was such a gorgeous day to be out and about.

In 2008 a tornado ripped through Wynnewood destroying part of the structure, it has since been re-built. We visited shortly before this so you will have to excuse us if it looks different than our photos.

Here we are as little ones on a trip with our grandma and parents.  

 Love the look of the mossy rocks on the walkway to the spring house.

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