Wild Roses Fashion - It's Purple

I came across a picture on Pinterest of Taylor Swift wearing a really vintage looking outfit and posing with a  bike, I thought the look was cute so I re-created with some stuff I had. I really like how this one came out, and thought I would share it with you.

I got the purple sweater and cream skirt from a local vintage store, the sunglasses are from Ross, the bracelet is from Clair's Boutique and the necklace was my grandmother's. I got the purple flower that is in my hair from Walmart to go on a pair of wings- but that is a whole other story. My shoes are from Walmart too. For my hair, I just used a "bump it".


  1. Oh I love this look! You got some great finds at the thrift store. There is no way that sweater is from the thrift store, it looks gleaming new! You really know how to put looks together. Great job!


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