The Golden Braid Book Review

Last week I got the opportunity to read Melanie Dickerson's newest book 'The Golden Braid' . Well let's just say I finished all 300+ pages in 24 hours. It was wonderful!

The Golden Braid is based on Rapunzel- but told in an entirely new way, that will keep you enthralled to the very last page. I love how believable the characters are, and that you never quite knew what to expect.  I love the richness of the characters in this sweet tale.  Trust me friends, you will love it!

 My only regret with this book was that it was finished, I had to stop myself from going to the beginning and starting it all over again. This book has found a close tie with 'The Healer's Apprentice' as my favorite book by her.

The Golden Braid comes out November 17, 2015!

Received this book free for my honest  review. The post contains affiliate links.


  1. I love it when a book is so good I am sad when it's over. Oh, then I am in a 'Book Hangover' because I can't get the characters out of my mind and I want more. I look forward to November so I can read this book. Thanks for the great review.


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