Gods & Kings Book Review

God's and Kings is an amazing book by Lynn Austin. It is book one in her Chronicles Of The Kings series. It follows the life of King Hezekiah (or Hezzy as we have nicknamed him... Hey its cute!) The story starts with Hezekiah as a young child being dragged from his bed and jerked into the world of adults as he witnesses his father sacrificing his older brother to "Moloch" [Molock] the "god of fire". It continues as she learns the love from his grandfather of the One True God, and fights for his life. I don't want to give away the story so I'll stop there. If you enjoy a great biblical story this is definitely a series to read! 
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  1. Fiction isn't generally my cup of tea, but I do enjoy a well-done historically accurate novel now and again. The Killer Angels (based on the Battle of Gettysburg) is one of my favorite novels. I'll add this one to my list :)


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