Museum Of The Barrens

We LOVE history at the Cottage and we love to learn. Those loves brought us to an amazing place. In Glasgow, Kentucky is a wonderful place called Museum of The Barrens - south central Kentucky Cultural Center. We went in looking for cemetery maps of Barren county, KY. and what we found was a treasure. Ms. Sandie was such a joy and so helpful. She is full of knowledge and about the sweetest person, you will ever meet. She pointed us to the museum and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about central Kentucky and how they lived.

I loved the military section it showed weapons & uniforms from the Indian wars and went through Desert Storm. I had family in many if not all of the wars so it was so neat to look at all the different things they had on display. They also had exhibits about early photography (which was neat because I am studying that in school) which included glass negatives, and also medicine, banking, weaving, building, and life in the 30's, 40's & 50's etc. in Kentucky. There was even an exhibit about death and funerals. It was all so interesting that we hated to leave.

Ms. Sandie tried to help us find information on grandpa but to no avail, but she is going to keep an eye out for us. I think we would be great friends if we lived closer.

Coming events:
June 27th Book signing - Kennedy Music & Historical novel by Wanda Kennedy Kuntz
August 21st - 30th Quilt Show
September 18th & 19th Harvest of History 2015
Later in the fall, there will be an interactive murder mystery at the museum and Veteran's Day reception.
For more information and times check out their website.

Glasgow is a great town full of friendly people. It was great to just drive down her streets and enjoy the beautiful old homes.


  1. a LOT of stuff going on - I wish I lived close enough to actually go :D

  2. looks like all you guys had a real good blast :D

  3. Wow looks like y'all had a great time! We really enjoy history in our homeschool too, it was in fact my son's favorite subject :) I need to get out and see what field trip opportunities are around my area....we did a few things, but frankly I was just happy to survive our first year of homeschooling! I'm delighted to find your blog and look forward to getting to know you :)

  4. Great tips for future trips! I also love museums and seeing the past. Usually it makes me want to go back in time though!

  5. Great ideas, love visiting museums. My hubby was in Desert Shield and Desert Storm!

  6. This looks like a neat museum!!!


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