What I Learned At The Colonial Fair

  1. Acting and story telling is not for me.
  2. Always listen to your parents...your story will end well.
  3. Lots of kids have never heard of David and Goliath even here in the bible belt.
  4. Home schooled kids know the answers to all of your questions.
  5. Kids really do say the darnedest things.
  6. Any 4 smooth stones are the stones are the stones David did not throw at the giant Goliath.
  7. Kids (and some adults) can't read cursive -that means trouble reading the founding documents.
  8. There is work for hoarders who can spin a yarn (tell a story).
  9. Don't cheat on a girl that is willing to go to sea- dressed as a man- to find you and knows how to use a gun and is not afraid to use it. It doesn't end well.
  10. No matter how romantic the colonials looks in a uniform it is so much better that they are able to bathe.
  11. Can I get an Amen to modern dentistry? 
  12. Never pick fruit from a tree in a cemetery (it will save someone the trouble of resurrecting and kicking you in the pants, and you a nasty scare)  .
  13. Don't mess with siblings.


  1. Sounds like an interesting colonial fair!

  2. Kids do say the craziest things sometimes! :P & #9 ha, true that!


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