Stuffed Bell Pepper's With Mr. Cottage

One dark and stormy October night

Oh! Hi there, sorry about that. Today I'm mastering the grill with my trusty sidekick Tongs to show you how to make Stuffed Bell Peppers. Ready? Well then, here we go,


Bell Peppers (I made six)
Celtic Sea Salt 
Onion Powder
Mrs.Dash Lemon Pepper 
Garlic Powder and what ever else sounds good to you.
1 lb. Grass Fed Ground Beef (Use what you have, this can be made with ground chicken, turkey, bison,`1 what ever sounds good to you.)
2 12 Oz. Cans of Hunts Tomato Sauce (I like Hunts for the flavor, if you have a favorite... by all means use it or... HOME CANNED! YUMMY)
2 cups Precooked rice Rice
Coconut Oil

Step 1: Wash your peppers and slice off the tops.  Remove the stem but reserve the tops.  Remove seeds. Rub peppers with oil (I use coconut oil) coating inside and out. 

Step 2:  With a POW! and a BANG! Sprinkle salt and pepper and what ever your favorite seasoning is over the peppers (Feel free to make sound effects, it makes life so much more enjoyable and it keeps the neighbors questioning.)
Step 3: Place them on grill as seen above or you can even roast them over the eye of your gas range. Make sure the peppers are the ones on the grill and not your fingers and shut the lid. 
Step 4: Meanwhile, back in the kitchen... begin cooking your rice and cook the ground beef seasoning well.  I use a bit of Lemon Pepper Mrs. Dash, and Celtic Sea Salt to taste. When meat has been browned, mix with your rice.  Taste for seasoning.  You want this seasoned well.  

 One dark and frigid [Artistic license taken in force -The Cottage Girls] October night I intrepidly started the grill of intrigue and insanity, as lightning split the sky around me [Again artistic License Was Taken Liberally -The Cottage Girls]. Pop! In an insanely fast move I dropped a pepper on the grill and reached for the next...

Step 5: Open grill.. check your peppers and turn.  It is ok that they get a little black. These roasted peppers are going to give your dish so much flavor.  Turn them on every side until they are well roasted.  

And I waited. The storm intensified. 

Then in another blinding move I wrestled the peppers from the evil lord grill [Mmmhmmm... - The Cottage Girls] and flipped the peppers. 

Step 6: Bring inside and place them in a baking pan (like the one for your lasagne) [Insert Dramatic Music Dun-Dun-Dun {Who didn't see that coming?}] when done and spoon the beef and rice mixture into your peppers, 

Step 7: Pour over your peppers a large can of Hunts Tomato Sauce . Cover with the lids of the peppers and add more tomato sauce over the top.  I like to use two large cans because the sauce is so great with these roasted peppers in it. Top with salt and Mrs. Dash to taste.

The storm stopped. The grill had been defeated! Quickly I removed the peppers and stuffed them with pure deliciousness.

Step 8: Well there really isn't a step 8 unless you consider EAT! as a step like I do in which case step 8 is- EAT! 

And that is how I defeated the Evil lord- the grill of intrigue and... (Wait for it)


Join Tongs and I next time as we defeat another vicious tyrant! 

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