Making Stockings for Christmas

Making Stockings For Christmas

Beautiful tie dye batik fabric stockings

Ok,  so I may or may not have totally winged this pattern (or as we say it I may have "taken my own route" with it). 
Tan ticking fabric stockings for that vintage feel.
We just love to craft and make things from scratch here at the cottage and last year we made some
stockings for our friends.  We thought we would do a blog post about the stocking making process
for everyone to see how fun it is to make stockings for yourself and for others.

Cowboy Stocking out of a faux suede fabric.
Here are some great rustic stockings that would look wonderful for your little (or big) cowboys.

I took an old stocking that we had that had seen better days.  We traced the outline of the stocking then added 5/8" on all sides for the seam allowance.
After this was traced on newsprint or tissue paper we placed it on our fabric of choice and pinned it on.
Put right sides together and sew along the edges except the top.  Unpin as you go and put your pins back in the pin box so no one gets a very sad Christmas surprise (OUCH!). Here is a stocking we traced and cut out of batik fabric from our local JoAnn's.

At the top, fold your fabric slightly 5/8 " toward the outside of the stocking.  Tuck the 5/8" under one more time to hide your raw edge and pin it and press with a hot iron to help set the seam and then sew.  We then took a small piece of the fabric and with the right sides together made a tube.  Sew the long end and one short end together.  Use a pencil and push it against your stitches on the short end and it will turn the tube right side out.  Place both of your short ends together and pin to the top back of your stocking.  Sew it on well because the weight of your goodies will all be pulling there on that loop.

I hope you enjoy this and that you try it.  It was so much fun to make!

If you have any questions or need help with your stockings
feel free to send us an email.

rosevinecottagegirls AT gmail DOT com

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  1. Love the one made out of the ticking fabric. So vintage chic.


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