Cottage Flour Tortillas


6 cups of Organic Unbleached Flour
9 Tbsp of coconut oil refrigerated to make it hard.
2 1/4 cup milk
3 tsp Celtic Sea Salt


Measure out your oil and put it in a bowl in your fridge to firm up.
While waiting measure out 6 cups of organic unbleached flour in a large mixing bowl.
Add Sea Salt and stir.
Remove oil from refrigerator and add to flour mix.

With a pastry knife ( or a fork or two butter knives) cut the fat in.  This means that if you have two knives you will put one in each hand and make a cutting motion with both hands going away from one another.  If you have a pastry knife you will use it and push down and rock it to cut in the cold fat.  If you have a fork, just use the fork to cut in the fat until it looks like this. Little chunks of fat are ok, but not huge icebergs of it.

Next get your milk and add it in.

Work this in and knead until you have a smooth ball of dough.
Cut this ball into 1/4 ths.  Make each fourth into a rectangle and cut into six even pieces.  Make them into little balls and put it in a sealed container in the fridge (You should have 24).  This needs to set for 30 min or so.  I have left them over night and they are fine.

When you are ready, remove a dough ball from your refrigerator and place it on your cutting board.
I used a tiny bit of flour to help it not stick to my rolling pin.

Roll out the dough in all directions to make a roundish shape.  You can see mine is not perfect (far from it)
and you will enjoy them just the same. :)

Place in a hot pan and cook about a minute on each side.  If it is sticking you can add coconut oil to your pan and heat.

Serve immediately.

We filled them with jalapeno beans and spicy rice last night and topped with Brianna's fresh salsa.



  1. Girls,
    That looks so wonderful and summery! You must make your family so happy with healthy and delicious entrees like this. You are a blessing and becoming excellent cooks in the process :)
    Thank you for sharing your expertise! I must try these...will cast iron work?

    1. Thank you Mrs. Jacqueline for your kind words. I would think cast iron would work even better, though I have not tried it yet. Blessings, Rosevine Cottage Girls

  2. That looks really yummy Cheyenne! Will try it when I done with my Challenge.

  3. That looks so yummy Cheyenne. Will try when I finish my challenge.


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