How To Build A Chicken Tractor

Here is my journey on making a great chicken tractor.  We tried letting them roam in a fenced area but hawks, buzzards, and neighborhood dogs really have a taste for free range birds and so we had to do something to protect our little guys.  I started out with 2x2's and used 4- 8' sections on the top and bottom of the sides.  Then I cut 3' pieces to make the side slats.  For the front and back, I decided how wide my hen house would be and made it that size.  This depends on how many birds that you are going to house.  I did 3' wide.  Inside one of my openings I measured and made another rectangle inside of my opening for a door.  I actually have 2 of these, one on the end that is going up against the house and one on the side for the inserting of food and water.

 From here I begin screwing the wood together.  I didn't take a photo but to get the rabbit fencing on I used screws and washers to hold it taught on the outside edges and the slats that run down the sides.

For the top, I used chicken wire, but if I do this again I will use a stronger wire like the one I used on the sides.  You can see the washers on the top and they really hold the wire on nicely.   I finished up with a set of hinges for the door and a way to lock the door.  If you have a big predator problem you would want to use a better way to latch the doors. Note to self.  Never get inside a chicken coop with the latches on the outside with Cottage Girls around.  LOL!

For our other blog post on how to build a self-feeding chicken feeder click on the link.  


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