Veggie Omelet

As we all seek to find ways to make more healthy choices in our lives, here is one way we have found to get in more vegetables into our diets even at breakfast. This is a great tasting omelet that we really love. I hope you enjoy it!

What ways are you getting more veggies into your diet?

2-3 organic eggs                                          
¼ cup zucchini                                                                                                         
¼ cup squash                                               
1 large or 2 small mushrooms                     
¼ cup spinach                                             
Goat cheese
Organic butter  or organic coconut oil        
½ tomato chopped  or your favorite salsa(optional)   
Small piece of broccoli chopped                 
3 ripe olives (chopped) 
Pinch Celtic Sea Salt
Dash of Mrs. Dash flavor or your choice
small pinch mustard powder
onion powder
¼ avocado chopped (optional for top)   

Grate zucchini and squash and set aside.  Wash spinach, chop and set aside.  Wash tomato chop and set aside.  Do same with avocado (leave the pit in the remaining side and put lemon juice over it and place in a baggy and it will keep it fresh.  Grate your goat cheese and set aside. Wash mushrooms and chop to your taste.   Take a small pan and add butter or organic coconut oil and melt.  Add your vegetables (except tomato and avocado) season to your taste and sauté until tender then set aside.  Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and season to your taste.  Pour into the pan (with butter or coconut oil).  Cook until ready to flip.  Using a spatula, turn the egg over and then place ½ your vegetable mix on the inside and ½ your cheese on ½ of your egg mixture.  Fold over the eggs to cover your mixture and let cook for a couple of minutes covered tightly with a lid on low to steam the cheese and melt.  Take omelet out and place on a plate.  Place other 1//2 of vegetables on the top, covered with remaining cheese and chopped tomatoes and avocados.  We garnished this with some home canned salsa verde.
Eat with a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, a grapefruit or chopped apple and Green Tea

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