Spicy BBQ Chicken Rub

This was a great recipe, very flavorful and tasty.  We have tried to be creative about meals because we don't have an oven or stove top at this point so we are cooking using an electric roaster, gas and charcoal grill, smoker and a plugin cook top and, of course, a crock pot.  Our goal is to make incredible tasty foods that are pleasing to the eye and the tongue and not boring.  This chicken dish is colorful and flavorful and is anything but dull.  I hope you try it out.  Let us know if you do!


1 whole chicken or 10 chicken thighs  (This is one of our own raised free range chickens.)
1 Tbsp organic butter


¼ cup paprika
½ tbsp Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper
1 Tbsp Celtic sea salt
½ tsp cayenne (less for less spicy)
1 ½ dry mustard
1 ½ tsp garlic powder
1 ½ tsp onion powder


Rinse the chicken and set aside.  Mix rub ingredients WELL.  Place on a plate for thighs.  Rub 1 Tbsp organic butter on chicken put rub mix on chicken. Grill outside until juices run clear or at 350 degrees F. in the oven until juices run clear.

Served with green beans seasoned with sauteed onions, onion powder, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash, Celtic Sea Salt and organic butter.

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